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Make Your Own Monster or Just Hug It with These Weird-Cute Plushies

Build a bear has nothing on these DIY weirdos.

Megan Baldwin and Sarah Burns

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Here at, we spend a lot of time researching cool things for families, which means going down rabbit holes until you get to something that makes you stop scrolling. Enter: Modern monsters for making and maybe even hugging. We like them because turning your kids’ scaries into something snuggly feels like the right activity for the weird times we’re in. Here’s our short list of brands making monsters fun again. 

Your Own WonderPal

This soft, fluffy, weirdo can be hand-embroidered with your kid’s designs and original artwork. Thanks to a couple of magnets hidden on the inside, this cuddly teddy can be transformed into a soft seat belt pad whenever you’re on the go.

Donna Wilson Make Your Own Monster Kit

With a pre-stitched lambswool monster shape, recycled wool stuffing, and felt bits and bobs, this kit has everything you need to make your very own unique monster. Use the felt and knitted fabric to create a face, legs, or even wings. The level of ugliness is up to you!

Hoo’s the Maker Stuffed Animal Kit

Cate and Levi’s DIY stuffed animal could be cute, or it could be a monstrosity! Use the materials in the box to bring your new friend to life (it only takes 4 to 6 hours) —  perfect for a snowy day project or long weekend at home.

Make Your Own Ricemonster Kit

Noodolls are weird-cute creations inspired by the shapes of Taiwanese noodles and rice. With this DIY kit you can design and make your very own Ricemonster plush toy, complete with glasses, mustache, and eye-patch. Spooky!

Kid Made Modern Make Your Own Monster Kit

Less huggable, more craftable. Keep your little monster busy making little monsters of their own with this crafting kit. It’s filled with everything your kid needs to create and recreate any monster they can dream up. Plus, you can keep everything neatly organized in the handy carrying case.

Tiny Head Kingdom Bagstock Plush

Even though you can’t DIY these weird-cute tiny headed stuffed animals, we loved Bagstock too much to leave out. Like the best monsters, he’s very mischievous. His tiny head doesn’t worry about words like “behave.” The best part: Bagstock is strong on the inside, yet soft and cuddly on the outside.