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Marvelous, Magical, Major Presents for May Birthday Kids

How many more M words is it gonna take to describe the massive magnificence of this May birthday gift guide? A MILLION. (Maybe.)

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It's a big month for May birthday kids! We're here to celebrate all their majorly magical magnificence with birthday gift inspo hand-picked for May's optimistic, talented, open-minded kids.

Ages 1-5

Singing Machine Kids Pedestal

Encourage a budding superstar to shine their brightest by setting the stage! This Bluetooth compatible pedestal karaoke system lets kids jam out to their favorite tunes solo, or with both mics to find harmony with a friend. A sweet setup like this will be music to everyone’s ears!

Hape Tito Turtle Pull Along

Toddlers are great at toddling – but toddling with a turtle? Truly terrific! Tito is a friendly turtle on a leash, ready to be led around by adventurous little tikes. His shell spins as he rolls along, sending the green liquid inside spinning around as your toddler gets the hang of the whole walking thing. Consider this helpful turtle friend a much younger cousin of the Teenage Mutant Ninja variety.

Learning Resources Jumbo Dinosaurs

Giant lizards roaming the earth, creating tracks in the wet mud or across the sand...sounds like the land before time! The month of May offers some of the year's best natural landscapes for prehistoric playtimes, with soft mud still drying from last month’s rainstorms, and plants struggling to push through the soil. Kids can recreate the Cretaceous with this set of five highly detailed dinos, ready for outdoor adventures. 

Blockaroo Deluxe 13-Piece Roadster Set

May kids have a way of thinking outside the box — and so do these unconventional blocks that are anything but boxes! Constructed from super durable, satisfyingly smooth EVA foam, Blockaroos come in a variety of unique shapes and bright colors, with safe, embedded magnets designed to help structures come together in a snap. Pieces can rotate, can be tossed into a dishwasher for cleaning, and even float, so they can design the land/sea roadster of their James Bond dreams.

Melissa and Doug Birthday Cake

Most people have cake on their birthday, but kids can keep the party going year round with this sweet set of sweets! They can decorate with removable toppings and candles, “cut” the cake with the serving knife, and serve up six slices. Everything stores neatly inside the box until the next birthday (or unbirthday) celebration.

Ages 6-8

Stomp Rocket Ultra LED

Get ready to take flight! Kids can jump, stomp, and launch rockets on their own. Set liftoff time for dusk or darker, and watch the brilliant LEDs flash a path across the sky. Then It’s a space race to find out where the rocket lands and then go do it all over again! 

Kid Made Modern Rainbow Craft Kit

What’s the bright idea!? Kid Made Modern’s rainbow-inspired craft kit features over 350 DIY delights. Complete with pompoms, pipe cleaners, paper straws, googly eyes, glitters, cording in all colors, and so, so much more, kids can dream up all sorts of vibrant-hued creations.

Crazy Forts

Flex it, build it, work it, make it harder, better, faster, stronger! Crazy Forts might just look like a bunch of weird shapes, sticks, and bright colors, but in the right hands, these are the foundations for any structure imaginable. Like your unpredictable May kid, this fort flexes to fit any idea and can transform from a circus tent to an ancient dome in an instant.  

OllyBall Slugger

Batter up! Baseball season is in full swing, and nothing builds confidence quite like cracking one over the plate. Kids can color it in, and then play ball – even indoors! Special shock absorbing technology lets them knock it outta the park without busting out a window. 

Spin Master Hatchimals Pixies Purple Crystal Flyers

May-Day, or the first of May, is a very special day for fairy folk. Fairies are said to help plants grow, coax flowers to bloom, and they love to dance! This fairy friend lives in a magical crystal egg where she waits until the sunniest spring days to work her twirling magic. She can see your child's movements with a special sensor: they can lift their arms up to send her skyward, and lower ytheir arms to bring her hovering down. When their day of dancing is done, she can be placed her back inside the beautiful crystal egg, and she’ll recharge, ready for another spring day!

For Ages 9-11

Micro Kickboard Sprite Deluxe 8+ Scooter

This small but mighty ride can hold up to 220 lbs, with a light but durable construction that comes equipped with a rear reflector and an integrated tube light for extra safety. The Micro is basically the luxury car of scooters, offering superior control with a chopper-style handlebar for better stability and easier turns. Perfect for spring sidewalk cruises.

We Rate Dogs! The Card Game

One of the best things about warmer temps: Running into all the neighborhood dogs out on their walkies! Every single one of them, regardless of age, is the goodest puppy ever, and this fast-paced card game pays those fluffy friends tribute. Kids will love this adorable game; first they choose a pup card to enter in the dog show, then they play cards to improve their rating. It’s cute, crazy, and chaotic, just like our canine pals. 

Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art

Sticker are cool, but kids crafting their own glitter body art goes beyond what any adhesive backed piece of paper can do! This kit includes glitters, stick-on gems, sparkling foils, and a body art roller for adding a little glam anywhere. Your creative kid can design, load the cartridge into the roller, and glide it over the skin to reveal a one-of-a-kind design!

Franklin Sports Kids Inflatable Dart Ball

Outdoor sports are really blowing up this season! Help kids improve aim and accuracy with a target ball set that helps good pitching habits stick. Inflate the targeted board, and watch them take aim with the 3 included soft velcro softballs. Whether they're practicing solo, or challenging a friend to a few rounds, they’re gonna have a ball, guaranteed. 

Gymnic Hop 55 Red

Jumping, bouncing, bopping, and hopping are unquestionably fun activities at any age, but especially this weird, in-between age where you’re a kid, but not a little kid anymore. Plastic big wheels are tossed aside for cool scooters, and kiddie trampolines quickly get outgrown. That’s what makes the Gymnic Hop 55 so perfect for this age group – it taps into the little kid kind of play that deep down, we never really outgrow. And with a weight capacity of 160 lbs, they can hold onto that hoppin’, little-kid energy for a while.

For Ages 12-14

CAMP Cotton Canvas Duffles

Duffle Subsplash1

Pack it up, pack it in, let the summer begin! Whether your kid is bound for summer camp or a sleepover, this canvas duffle is the perfect kid carryall. Stuff it with toys, snacks, and all of their favorite birthday presents.

Ooly Chroma Blends Neon Watercolor Set and Circular Watercolor Paper Pad

Spring is starting to show its true colors! Help kids show off their with a super vibrant set of hues that turns any piece into a glowing work of art. But what is paint, without something to paint on? Ooly’s Circular Watercolor Paper Pad is designed to work with all their watercolors, and the cool round shape is too hip to be square. 

Polaroid Now Black and White Camera

Capturing memories on family vacations and get togethers with friends is always worthwhile — and nothing catches all the action like this retro favorite. There’s just something about having real life photos at your fingertips that high-tech, multiple-filter camera phones lack. The novelty never really wears off, and the memories last a lifetime!

Bari Lynn Fur Smile Bag

Springy and oh-so-soft, kids will love carrying their personal items in smile-producing style. Bright tie-dyed tones complement every warm-weather wardrobe, and it’s the perfect size to stash sunglasses, tissues, lip balm, and more. They'll be stepping into spring with everything they need, and every color of the rainbow.

iScream Tie Dye Pastel Earbud Compact

Birds chirping sweetly, leaves rustling, kids laughing and playing – these are just a few of the sounds of spring that can be completely drowned out by these awesome earbuds. Get you kid something to help them chill out with tunes and get lost in your their little world for a bit. These Bluetooth compatible earbuds fully charge in about an hour, and offer about 3 hours of playtime, so they can enjoy a nice long walk while ignoring all that spring construction happening on seemingly every street. 


Gift Republic Tie Dye Kit

DIY-ing duds is super cool, and tie dying is more than just a trend. Get the kids dressed for summer with this cool tie-dye kit that contains everything they'll need to transform boring white tees into wavy, colorful masterpieces! 

Modern Sprout Tiny Terracotta Lavender

Spring babies seem to have naturally green thumbs, so gifting a potted plant is always a great way to go – but did you know May is the best month to grow lavender? The conditions are ideal for lavender to sprout and take root. As a perennial plant, this is a gift that keeps on giving! Take care of this potted pal, and it’ll keep flowering season after season.

Bari Lynn Tie Dye Jewel Bag

Carry the essence of spring with you! This cool, colorful clutch is the hot pick of the season. Not only is it adorable in vibrant, cotton candy hues, but the multicolor gems add a touch of sparkle that shines beautifully on these sunny spring days. Easily fits a cell phone, lip gloss, and other spring essentials like allergy meds, and tissues. 

Knit Your Own Comfort Blanket

Taking up a new hobby is always a great idea, but especially in May. Spring, with all its regrowth and vivid colors, is a wonderful time to encourage kids to tap into their creative side. And sitting outside while knitting is a joy not possible under the weight of wool during the hot summer months, or while trying to keep fingers warm while sitting on a park bench on a cold winter day. Fall is okay, but those pesky winds can whip up leaves that can get caught in projects, or worse, the projects themselves. Spring in undoubtedly the perfect time to inspire your kid to try picking up a set a needles!

Animal Mah-Jong Game

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, or AAPI Month for short. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate and learn more about Asian American history and culture – so why not start with a game? Mah-jong was developed in Southern China in the mid-1800s, and is played by fans the world over. This set features gorgeous illustrations of Asian animals of the land, sea, and air, and it is a beautiful way to share a generations-long tradition.

More Awesome Ways to Celebrate May Birthdays

Updated April 2022