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Make Some Joyful Noise With Toys for Kids Who Love Music

Billie Eilish, watch your back.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

Music Toys for Kids


Get your kid ready for the ultimate jam session with these music toys and gifts for kids. They can learn to play guitar, drop some sick beats, sing their heart out, or discover the symphony. If your favorite kiddo is constantly making up silly songs or banging out tunes on pots and pans, you're sure to find something on this list that will make their little heart sing! 

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Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio

While this super-fun music toy (a tried-and-tested CAMP favorite) says "ages 1 to 5" on the box," to be fair, everyone in the house is going to want a turn with this thing. Kids can mix sounds, play with beats, even add scratch effects and fun noises (meow!) just like the real mixmasters do. And beware: This toy has been known to cause spontaneous dance parties.

Hape Mini Band Set

There's no age that too young to start rockin'! Let your kid grab one of these musical instruments and listen to the music flow. Kids can explore the different sounds of a rainmaker, tambourine, rattle, and xylophone. Once they've mastered the basics in banging and shaking, they can move on to some strumming and test out their ukulele skills. There's a whole world of sounds out there for them to explore! (Roadies and tour bus not included.)

ABC/DC: A Rock & Roll Inspired Alphabet

Forget about "A is for apple." In this book of rock 'n roll, A is for AC/DC! It's time for your kids to dive into the world of rock 'n roll superstars with this book about the best rock legends of all time. As they master the rockin' ABCs, they'll pick up the names of the greatest rock bands in the world — both equally important in any education! 

Little Likes Kids Musical Crossroads Puzzle

With this musical present, you won't have to worry about the kids being too loud. The only noise that will come from this toy is all the cheers of triumph after they finish this 72-piece musical puzzle. It's the perfect gift to get their musical creative juices flowing. 

Welcome to the Symphony

Does your kid want an inside look how a symphonic orchestra comes together? The interactive book Welcome To The Symphony introduces kids to the players, instruments, and sounds of a full orchestra. They'll learn what it takes to be a conductor, how to behave in the audience, and about the different sections of the orchestra. Plus, the book comes with a 19-button sound panel, so they can enjoy some music while they read along.

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Mukikim Rock & Roll It Rainbow Piano

Imagine showing Mozart a Mukikim Rock & Roll It Rainbow Piano — something tells me his mind would have been blown. This 49-key portable piano is a big upgrade on your standard-issue eighteenth-century musical prodigy's harpsichord, with multiple demo songs, a wide range of keyboard tones, echo and sustain pedals, and best of all, headphones. Just think of the hits Mozart could have created with this piano at his disposal!

Mukikim Rock & Roll It Code Drum

This portable drum kit uses a color-coded drumpad system to helps kids learn the basics of playing the drums — no space-hogging drum kit required. Once they get the hang of it, they can play along with the accompaniment tracks, and even record their own demos! Plus, you they connect the set to headphones, making it a win-win for them and the neighbors.

Singing Machine Superstar Bluetooth Sing-Along System

Word on the street is that it's next to impossible to grab tickets to the hottest act in town. Luckily, your kid will have no problem getting front-row seats — since this show is happening right in your living room! Any of our favorite karaoke mics quickly transform the family room into a sold-out arena show. Madison Square Garden's got nothing on your couch! 

Urbanears Plattan II Bluetooth Headphones

This one's just as much for the adults as the kids. The Urbanears Plattan II Bluetooth Headphones let your little one listen to their music on repeat without hogging the family playlist, so now you only have to hear "We Don't Talk About Bruno" five times a day instead of 20.   

Sphero Specdrums

Have you ever thought about how colors seem to have certain sounds? Like blue sounds quiet, while red can be very loud? Kids can test out their color-music theories with the Sphero Specdrums — the innovative musical instrument connects with an app to bring colors to life with a simple tap. All they have to do is slip on the app-connected ring and tap away.

LOOG Mini Guitar

Does your kid long to be known among the greats like Prince and Jimi Hendrix? Then they'll want to add this Loog Mini Guitar to their bday present list. The mini guitar is perfect for little ones who are just getting the hang of instrument: the mini guitar plays just like a full-sized guitar but only has three strings, so finger placement is much easier for tiny rockers in training. They'll be solo-ing at the bridge in no time.

Skoogmusic Skoog 2.0 Tactile Musical Interface

What's a Skoog exactly? It's whatever instrument your kid wants it to be — piano, drums, guitar, kazoo. Connect it to a tablet and let the creativity flow! They can tap, twist, and squeeze the Skoog and listen as the music of their imagination comes to life. Who knows, with a little practice, they could be the first winner of a Grammy for playing the Skoog! 

LEGO Dots Pineapple Pencil Holder

Your creative, imaginative, arty kid shouldn’t be keeping the pens and pencils they use to write their next hit song in a boring old canister — they need something that suits their vibrant personality; something they made themselves. Something like this quirky LEGO Dots Pineapple Pencil Holder with an enclosed sorting tray. 

Updated June 2022