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The Best Toys to Play with When the Weather Hits 80 Degrees

Bring on the heat! Bring on the games! Bring on the toys for warm-weather days!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns



Ready to make a splash with the family this summer? Temperatures have soared to a balmy 80 degrees, which can only mean one thing: water toys and the coolest games for the warmest days! 

Ages 1-5

Sunnylife Rainbow Inflatable Sprinkler

Sunnylife Rainbow Inflatable Sprinkler


Somewhere over this rainbow, your kids will find a refreshing good time! This pretty-in-pink rainbow sprays a cooling stream of water from the top of its arc, raining down on summer revelers looking to beat the heat. Sprinklers, and rainbows, and smiles — oh my!

HearthSong Sunshine Inflatable Sprinkler



Every day is a sunshine day when you have a sunburst to help keep you cool! Help the kids beat the sun at its own game and run through an archway of refreshing, sprinkling "rays." Just weight down the clouds with sand or bean bags, connect the hose, and soon enough they'll be walkin' on sunshine!

Sunnylife Tie Dye Inflatable Backyard Pool

Sunnylife Tie Dye Inflatable Backyard Pool


An inflatable pool is basically a summer requirement. This tie dyed take on the classic backyard mini-oasis holds up to 70 gallons of water for a splashin' good time for the little ones. Older kids (and kids tall for their age) will appreciate the high inflatable walls, because when you need to cool off during the hottest days of summer, you need a pool, not a puddle!

Sunnylife Bubba Float Friends

What could be more magical than a unicorn at a pool party? A unicorn that brings their friendly shark pal! Help the youngest mermaids make a real splash with a Seahorse Unicorn, or Shark Attack Float Friend. Lots of legroom for kicking and splashing, a wide ring to prevent big splashes in little faces, and these best buds also help shield sensitive skin from the sun. 

Sunnylife Shark Attack Buddy Float Bands

When they’re too big for the Float Friends, but not old enough to dive into the deep end just yet, what you need are some floaties. These Shark Attack Buddy Float Bands are the perfect support for building confidence in the water to help strengthen swimming skills, and are probably the only sharks you’ll ever want by your side. 

Ages 6-8

Sunnylife Neon Pool Ring Soakers

Sunnylife Neon Pool Ring Soakers


Sunnylife deliveres the ultimate pool toy we didn't even know we were missing! All the floating full of a classic pool ring, combined with the super-soaking spraying power your kid will need to defend their personal splash zone. Set comes with two, so there's no need to fight over them — they can save that energy for the water battle in the pool!

Stomp Rocket Ultra LED

ultra2 1800x1800

Stomp Rocket

Kids can set it up, stomp it, and light up the night with 4 felt tip rockets capable of soaring up to 150 feet! The bright LEDS shine as bright as a flashlight; launch during the long twilight hours of summer, and Stomp Rockets offer an awesome light show!

Minions Fart N Fire


Uproariously funny, and disgustingly refreshing, this blaster from the film Minions The Rise of Gru is a real gas! Butt be careful where you point that thing! It’s loaded with over 20 fart sounds and comes equipped with a water tank that when fired provides a pleasant, cooling mist in the form of a totally gross, wet fart.   

Unicorn Hands Free Ice Packs for Kids

GooseEgged Unicorn Hands Free Ice Packs For Kids


It’s an adorable, cooling crown, built for hands-free bumps on the head, but wonderful for days kids just need some chill time. Soft flocked interior, and wide, adjustable band make sure this magic friend stays put. They’re also easy to clean, cool quickly in the freezer, and are way more fun than using an ice pack. 

Ooly Lil Poster Paint Pods Set of 12 Colors

Let kids take the creativity outdoors with a set of non-toxic, water soluble paint pods. This set includes a paint brush brush, and 12 colors of paint in reusable pods, all tucked neatly into the clear carrying case. They can set up an art studio on the lawn or driveway, and spray the paint away with the hose when it’s time to clean up. The paint is easily removed from most fabrics too, so you might as well hose the artists down while you're at it. 

For Ages 9-11

Fashion Angels Sticker Collage Hydro Crafts Kit

Sticker fans know, you can’t go sticking a sticker on just anything. Kids need to have just the right sticker for whatever they’re sticking on, or else it could ruin the sticker, or whatever they stuck it on. Inside this BPA-free water bottle is a collection of water-proof, glow in the dark stickers ready for their next craft project that can go wherever water might be — like, say, decorating a new water bottle!



Keep your eyes peeled for words in this fast paced game for a bunch of players – up to 8 in fact! It’s a fun and easy game for kids and adults to play together, and the novelty bag is great on the go, ideal for beach trips, camping, and picnics, so make sure to pack it up before you split!

Making The Moment Pottery Wheel

Making in the Moment Pottery Wheel: 0

Pottery is an excellent craft to take up any time, but especially during the warmer months when working with cold wet clay can actually be kind of refreshing. This kit has everything you future ceramicist will need to create 4 to 5 hand-thrown pottery pieces, including 2 lbs of air dry terra cotta clay, a selection of tools to form, scrape, and add texture, and of course a wheel with a foot pedal and a continuous option for spinning right ’round, baby, right ’round. When their piece is dry, they can pick out colors from the paint set, pop on some jewels, and start their own pottery shop! Seriously though, if pottery is something the kids (or YOU) have always wanted to try, this set is an absolute steal at under 50 bucks. 

Fashion Angels Tell Your Story Alphabet Bead Case

Making friendship bracelets is an essential summer craft. Kids can let their Camp friends know they won’t forget them even as the school year begins. In fact, this huge kit contains over 800 beads, and 5 different colors of beading cord, so they'll have enough to make bracelets for at least 15 of their summer besties. 

For Ages 12-14

Lexon Mino X Floating Bluetooth Speaker

With unsinkable, superior sound quality, and an IPX7 water-resistance level, this is the mini speaker to have on hand at the beach, poolside, or for singing in the shower. Pairs easily with bluetooth devices, reaches a full charge in about an hour, and offers 3 hours of play time so you and the kids can keep the party rockin’ with a carefully curated family playlist all afternoon. 

Sunnylife Underwater Camera - Kasbah



Vital for #vacaylife, Sunnylife designed this fashionably fronded underwater camera to capture all their undersea adventures! Whether they’re scuba diving, sailing away, or just floating peacefully in the pool, keep phones at a safe distance without missing a single moment of the action.

Glossy Pops TGI Fruity Banana Lip Gloss

Glossy Pops - Banana

Glossy Pops

Chlorine and saltwater can be harsh on lips, but you can help keep your kid's mouth moisturized and protected with this sweet treat! Flip the top of the pop to reveal a nourishing banana scented balm, and twist the rhinestone handle for a wand of high-shine gloss. Looks yellow, but goes on crystal clear, and super shiny. And the taste is bananas! 

Gift Republic Name A Star


Long twilight hours and warm summer months are ideal for stargazing. Filled with information about  the stars and astronomy, this giftable little tin is a memorable way to tell someone you think they’re out of this world. 

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition

Based on the popular adult party game favorite, and played the exact same way, but with kid-friendly cards! Choose the best of your own cards to complete the statement: get the biggest laugh, and score points. This game is going to be everyone’s favorite for family gatherings, slumber parties, and laughing around the table at your next backyard barbecue.

Updated April 2022