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The Best Toys and Games to Play with When the Weather Hits 70 Degrees

Hey, it's getting nice out! Not too hot, but no trace of that springtime chill. Get the kids outside and playing in the sunshine with these outdoor toys for (finally) warm days!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

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If there were ever a perfect temperature, 70 degrees Fahrenheit could be it! Most Americans say temperatures in the 70s are the most ideal, and now that we’ve hit the ideal temperature jackpot, we have to agree! It’s finally nice enough for leisurely playtime outside, and we’ve got some exciting toys and games to take advantage of the warmer temperatures.  

Ages 1-5

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2


With 55 different clock interfaces, this watch might have you thinking about time a little differently. Kids can document core memories their way with a 2 way, selfie-snapping camera that’s also great for capturing video. The specialized built-in motion sensors encourage active play, and the timers are great for outdoor games all season long.

HearthSong Pick Up & Go Corn Hole

HearthSong Pick Up & Go Corn Hole


It’s the same classic outdoor game you know and love, but with a few slight adjustments. Lightweight and highly portable, this is a family friendly set all ages can enjoy, with super-quick set up for picnics, family reunions, beach trips, or backyard barbecues. The set includes 2 corn hole boards and 8 bean bags. 

Hape Mini Band Set

Hape Mini Band Set


Music is meant to be shared! Have the kids grab their favorite instruments and strike up the band with a 5 piece set perfect for outdoor jam sessions on sunny spring days. They can learn a few riffs on the ukulele, keep the beat with the tambourine, and use the rainstick, maraca egg, and canasta clapper to shake, rattle and roll! 

Ages 6-8

Pogo Bal

Remember this weird, Saturn-like plaything from the 80s? It’s all pogo, but without the stick, for a one-of-a kind tricky, bouncing, balance challenge that’s fun to master. Kids step onto the “ring”, and grip the ball between their feet, and they’re ready for liftoff!

Singing Machine Superstar Bluetooth Sing Along System

Does this warm weather make your kid feel like singing? They can share their song with the world with a portable microphone, and a bluetooth enabled boombox for backup. There’s even a space to hold a tablet on top, so they can queue up the lyrics, connect to their favorite tunes, and start singing along! 

Imaginext DC Superfriends Transforming Batmobile

Imaginext DC Superfriends Transforming Batmobile


Crime never takes a day off – not even on super nice spring days. Patrol the streets of Gotham with this RC controlled Batmobile, and stop villains in their tracks. If they put up a fight, show ’em the best of what Wayne Industries can do: flip the Power Pad to transform the Batmobile into battle mode with sound effects, flashing lights, and real launching projectiles. 

For Ages 9-11

Hog Wild White Unicorn Popper

Spread some happiness in the form of projectile rainbows. Stuff ’em in the unicorn’s snoot, give that magical belly a squeeze, and watch rainbows go flying up to 20 feet! 

Gift Republic Pizza Kite

Gift Republic Pizza Kite

The sun is out, the temperature is perfect, and there’s a warm breeze rustling the newly formed buds on the trees carrying with it the scent of the one thing that’s always in season – pizza. This kite features an easy-to-build T-shape construction, so kids can get right to the good part, and share a slice. 

Ooly Chroma Blends Travel Watercolor Palette

Discover the joy of painting out in the open air with a set that was designed to do just that. This palette contains 24 watercolors, 8 small wells, and 3 large ones for mixing colors, and 2 different brushes with water reservoirs as handles, because carrying a cup of water around isn’t very convenient. It’s a wonderful watercolor set full of the essentials, and an ideal gift for fans of art and nature.

Crossed Signals

Crossed Signals

Mattel Games

It’s a simple enough concept: kids follow the directional lights and voice commands, and score points! But then one hand is going one way, and the other one is going the other way, and before they know it, their brain is melting from the challenge. Kids can play solo, or compete with up to four friends in this game that’ll have players on their feet, getting mixed up, and giggling.

For Ages 12-14

Gift Republic DIY Flower Press

Pressed flowers


We’re not the only ones flourishing in 70-degree weather! It also happens to be the perfect temperature for beautiful plant life, and the Gift Republic DIY Flower Press is a great way to explore natural beauty. Take a family hike and have the kids look for fallen flowers and leaves, and press them to make cards, bookmarks, and trinket boxes while preserving a piece of nature! 

Sphero Specdrums

Sphero Specdrums


Ever wonder what colors sound like? With Specdrums, kids can create an entire symphony using the colors around them. They can use the included color pad to get the hang of playing with the app-enabled rings, and when they’re ready, take a family trip to the park, a flower garden, or anywhere the bright colors of the season are most vibrant, and compose a chromatic symphony!

Franklin Sports Table Tennis To Go

Next time your kid says, “Game on!” to someone they can really mean it. Like, they should probably start setting up as they start talking, because by the time they're done speaking, they’ll be done setting up – it’s that fast. As easy as stretching the net over basically any sized table, choosing a paddle, and getting ready to serve.

iScream Earbud Compact

The perfect accessory for kids that love music in any season. The case doubles as a charger, and it comes equipped with a charging cable. Fully charged, the Bluetooth compatible buds have enough juice for 2-3 hours of listening.

Thumbs Up Burger Speaker

Thumbs Up UK Burger Speaker

Thumbs Up UK

Burgers usually sizzle, but this one is hot off the grill, and ready to jam to some tunes. He might be little, but Bert the Burger packs a mighty punch, with powerful 2W sound, so you don’t miss a beat of that bassline whether you're chillin’ in the backyard, at a picnic in the park, or unwinding on the beach.

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Updated June 2022