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Piece Together the Mysteries of the Universe With These Outer Space Puzzles

The perfect pastime for when you or the kids need a little space.

Sarah Burns


There comes a point when you’re working on a puzzle, where you start to really get in the zone: You’re so zeroed in on the shapes, patterns, and pieces that the rest of the world starts to fade into the background. Puzzles literally help us “space out!” Spacing out with a low-impact activity like putting together a puzzle is a healthy way to help us relax and encourages the increase of mood stabilizing chemicals in our brains. In the long run, doing puzzles can actually help us become happier, healthier, more focused Earthlings! 

Easy Missions for Younger Puzzlers

Mudpuppy Outer Space Secret Picture Puzzle

To uncover  the mysteries of the universe, they first need to build it. There’s 42 pieces of puzzling power perfect for the youngest space explorers to adventure out on their own. Once all the pieces are together, they can use the magic space wand to illuminate secret objects scattered throughout the cosmos.

Banana Panda Observational Space Puzzle

I spy with my little eye... a puzzle that doubles as a “find it” game! Set all 60 pieces in place to play: Can you find all the objects in the image you just put together? Young puzzlers can really get a grip on the large pieces, and their sturdy construction means that this space scene can be put together and pulled apart again and again. 

Mudpuppy Solar System Puzzle

Up your puzzling skills with a new type of challenge with this double-sided solar system puzzle. Learn the names of the planets with whimsical planet-shaped pieces, and then learn their names in French, Spanish and German by flipping the puzzle over to the other side. With 70 pieces, this is the perfect size for space explorers 5-10 to take on as a solo mission.

MudPuppy 100-Piece Space Glow Puzzle

Doing a family fun night? Get this family-sized puzzle, and planet right! Make sure you have a well-lit place to work, so you can avoid losing pieces and charge up those glowy bits at the same time. Work together to build this vibrant scene, and celebrate by cutting the lights, and marveling at the glowiness of your creation.

Challenging Puzzles for Advanced Astronaut Crews

Zero Gravity 1000-Piece Puzzle With Shaped Pieces

If you find yourself gravitating towards a more challenging puzzle experience, this 1000 piece puzzle could be the answer you’ve wished upon a star to find. Gather up all the young space cadets and experienced commanders, because this is a wonderful puzzle with something fun for the entire crew. Filled with color, and unique shaped pieces of the stars and planets, this is a fascinating puzzle to build, and cosmically satisfying to see come together. 

Ravensburger XL Solar System Puzzle

Drift off into the beauty of the cosmos with this dazzling intergalactic ballet of planets in orbit, colorful swirling nebulas, and distant, shining stars. Ravensburger puzzles are different, and it’s not just because they’ve been a leading name in delighting puzzle fans for decades. Yes, their designs are famously stunning, and they only use quality inks and materials, but practiced puzzlers also appreciate that each piece in a Ravensburger puzzle piece is totally unique, and made to fit perfectly for a puzzle piecing experience that’s really out of this world.

eeBoo Zodiac Glow In The Dark Puzzle

Get your whole crew to collaborate on some constellations! With 1000 pieces to arrange in a perfect square, there's plenty to keep everyone occupied. Cancer, Capricorn, and Aquarius can work happily by themselves, while Aries, Leo, and Scorpio will compete to see who can put together the most pieces the fastest. Gemini knows there’s more than enough puzzle for everyone to share, but Libra and Sagittarius will spend way too much time building just their own signs. And of course Taurus will flip off the lights to get to the glowy effects faster than Virgo and Pisces can carefully get all their pieces into place!

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