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Make Family Game Night the Ultimate Fun Showdown with These Games

It's the Family Game Night match of the century: The Parents versus the Kids!

Daniel Fernandez



Okay: Imagine me holding one of those old fashioned microphones that drops down from the ceiling, and me talking in that booming boxing-announcer voice...

Strap in, place your bets, and get ready for a night of action because there can Be! Only! One! Winnerrrrrr! It's Family Game Night! 

In the blue corner, tired of looking at spreadsheets all day, craving a glass (or ten) of wine, and wanting all the chores to be done and everyone in bed by a reasonable hour, we have... the Parents! [cheering, some booing, some polite applause]

And over in the red corner, finishing up homework for History class, learning TikTok dance trends, and demanding to have ice cream for dinner for the rest of the week, we’ve got...the Kids! [the crowd goes wild!]

We’ve got 10 rounds of fun ahead of us, so let’s get ready to rumble!

What Do You Meme? Family Edition

Round 1: Ding ding ding! This match is off to an explosive start! And by “explosive” I mean “pretty slow” because the first ten minutes are spent explaining just what exactly “memes” are to the Parents and why they are the most effective means of communication used by Millennials and Gen-Z around the world. This family-friendly and equally cheeky version of the What Do You Meme? game asks players to respond to funny prompts and scenarios with meme cards that accurately portray what’s going on. Sorry, Parents but it looks like the Kids have got this round in the bag! 

Score: Kids 1, Parents 0

Codenames: Disney Family Edition

Round Two: There goes that bell again, and this round we’ve got Parents and Kids duking it out with Codenames: Disney Family Edition. During each turn of this game, Cluemasters give one-word clues to help their teammates identify Disney characters, locations, and special items. All the Game Night strategists agreed that this would be an easy win for the Kids except — wait a second — can it be? The Parents are somehow...dominating?! Oh yeah, that's right, it’s easy to forget that not only were the Parents alive when these movies came out in theaters, but they also lived through the Kids belting all of these Disney tunes on road trips and spending entire paychecks on Disney toys. Touché, Parents! 

Score: Kids 1, Parents 1

Telestrations 8 Player, The Original

Round Three: Remember the game “Telephone?” The game where a phrase gets whispered from person to person until by the end of the round the original phrase has morphed into something completely different? (For example, “I love dogs” could become “Pumped up frogs.” Go, frogs!) Well, Telestrations put an artistic spin on that concept, where on each turn a player sketches what they see on their prompt, and then teammates have to guess what exactly they’re looking at. With their strangely accurate and unspoken understanding of each other, Sibling communication superpowers come into play and this round belongs to the Kids! 

Score: Kids 2, Parents 1

Pictionary Air

Round Four: The intensity continues to build! This round is all about Pictionary Air, a modern and more high-tech take on the classic game of Pictionary. The new spin? Now Kids and Parents draw in the air with a wireless brush, and their illustration is streamed onto the screen of any chosen smart device in real time. With decades of classic Pictionary under their belts from childhood Family Game Nights, their nostalgia kicks in to help them play and the Parents grab this round! 

Score: Kids 2, Parents 2

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

Round Five: Did someone raise the thermostat? Because it sure is getting hot in here! And also, if so, Dad will promptly lower it back to Energy Saver settings because that heating bill doesn’t pay itself. This round, the Pursuit is Trivial! With over 1,200 questions spread over six categories, this game is for family members of all ages to test their smarts and trivia knowledge. It’s neck and neck, but the Parents begin to pull away because it appears that the whole “being alive for longer and picking up strange and obscure facts along the way” thing is really coming in handy. Point to the Parents!

Score: Kids 2, Parents 3

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition

Round Six: Oh the humanity! Cards Against Humanity, that is. The "Family Edition" of the famous game removes some of the raunchiness while maintaining all the hilarity of the original. In this game, players are given a prompt that needs a funny phrase, word, or saying to complete and the other players must put on their Funny Fedoras (the lesser known relative of the Thinking Cap) and fill in the blank to get the most laughs! Unfortunately for this round, Dad’s overly-Dad Dad Jokes are the Parents' undoing as this round goes to the Kids! 

Score: Kids 3, Parents 3

Ridley's Drawsome People Game

Round Seven: Time to pick up those markers and get sketching because this round is all about Ridley’s Drawsome People Game. With each roll of the die at the beginning of each round, players are tasked with drawing a funny version of a famous character or celebrity in zany and uncommon scenarios. What’s this? In the frenzy of it all, the Parents can’t seem to find their reading glasses! All of their doodles are too blurry to see! This one goes to the tiny Picassos themselves, the Kids!

Score: Kids 4, Parents 3

Kids Against Maturity

Round Eight: A game resplendent with fart and poop jokes, Kids Against Maturity is quite similar to Cards against Humanity: Family Edition, except now the humor is a tiny bit more bold, goofy, and innuendo packed. It’s hard to beat the Kids at a game where “Kids” is literally in the title and are actively fighting against being mature on a daily basis. The Kids get this round and it looks like they’re pulling away! 

Score: Kids 5, Parents 3

Disney Villainous

Round Nine: It's looking like victory in this Family Game Night will go to the Kids — but then suddenly, someone busts out Disney Villainous. In this game, players take control of one of six malicious Disney villains in a race to outsmart their opponents and achieve their objectives. During this round, the sleeping giant that is Queen Mom awakens! No one knows everyone at the table like Mom does, and she uses her cunning to help the Parents take this win. 

Score: Kids 5, Parents 4

Catan Junior

Round Ten: I don’t know about you guys but I have no nails left because of all the nail-biting suspense! As we come down to the wire in Round Ten, Catan Junior is the game to beat, where players must gather resources, acquire treasures, and gain control over pirate hideouts to be triumphant. As the Kids go on their phones to check their Instagrams and Twitters, the adventure-hungry and cunning Parents make their move and outlast the kids in this battle of strategy and endurance, getting one final win before the bell! 

Score: Kids 5, Parents 5

After a ferocious ten rounds, both the Parents and the Kids are spent as they wait while the judges tally their scores. Who won Family Game Night? Well, even though it’s technically a tie, the smiles, laughter, and time shared means everybody was a winner! Aww, so wholesome. Now, time for some ice cream!