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Perfect Puzzles to Piece Together as a Family

For families that know how to get it together!

Sarah Burns

Family Doing a Puzzle


Doing puzzles as a family involves cooperation, patience, and time. It’s a fun way to switch off the screens, bond as a family, and encourage quiet time. You’ll also be developing critical logic and thinking skills — plus, it’s relaxing and fun! Whether you’ve been doing puzzles your whole life, or are thinking about introducing a family puzzle project to your family fun nights, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the most interesting, beautiful, and engaging puzzles large enough for groups, and challenging for dissectologists of every skill level. 

MudPuppy Cool Cats A-Z 1000 pc Puzzle

How cute is this collection of the coolest cats? Features 23 friendly felines corresponding with the letters of the alphabet (sorry fans of the letter “Z”), as well as common cat interests, like birds, fish, and balls of yarn. It’s the purr-fect puzzle for all the cats and kittens in your clowder.

The Golden Girls Puzzle

Picture it: Sicily, 1922, and you’re surrounded by your wonderful family, doing a lovely puzzle featuring their favorite ladies to split a cheesecake with. Enjoy some golden moments together while reciting your favorite lines, disagreeing about which was the best episode, and roasting each other with searingly witty one-liners. 

eeBoo Triangle Pattern 500 Piece Puzzle

Unconventionally curved and beautifully colorful, Eeboo presents a puzzle of interlocking hues that piece together to reveal a richly textured mandala. The perfect design to share with artistic, creative collaborators who relish the thrill of a good challenge and appreciate visual stimulation. 

MudPuppy Your World 1000 pc Puzzle

Travel the world as a family, from the comfort of your living room. A playfully pictorial way to learn basic geography, this puzzle is ideal for more experienced puzzlers of multiple ages who are generally curious about the world, and tend to run through puzzles pretty quickly. Highly recommended for jet-setting families looking for a challenge! 

Ridley's Inspirational Women 1000-Piece Puzzle

It’s vital to understand that exposure to female role models is important not just for girls, but for everyone. This puzzle is a unique way to honor the memory of these groundbreaking women, learn more about their contributions, and reinforce the idea that women really can do anything men can do — a message popular media doesn’t always do the best job of conveying. 

Ravensburger 300 XL Solar System

Known for high-quality materials and beautifully vivid designs, Ravensburger delivers with a puzzle you’ll want in your space. Gaze upon the majesty of Earth in orbit with this dazzling rendition of the solar system. With 300 pieces, this may prove a challenge for kids on their own, so planet as a family project. 

Jonathan Adler Rainbow Hand 750-Piece Shaped Puzzle

A gorgeous piece by design company Jonathan Adler, this whimsical, shaped puzzle is bright, bold, and a beautiful rainbow work of art when finished. If you’re considering jumping into doing larger, 1000 piece puzzles but still find the thought a little intimidating, this is a great one to get your feet wet. The unique shape and rainbow color scheme takes a lot of the guesswork out of where pieces should fit, so you can just relax and go with the puzzling flow.

eeBoo Zodiac Glow In The Dark Puzzle

A glowing, puzzling pastime that’s written in the stars! Richly illustrated designs for all of the zodiac signs, this puzzle becomes a glow-in-the-dark work of art when completed. Challenge your puzzling team to spot their sign, and see who can finish theirs first! And now for your puzzle horoscope: If you’re a Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, or Capricorn, you’ll likely want to proudly display the finished piece by glueing and framing it for all to see. Virgo, Aries, and Sagittarius puzzlers will want to do this puzzle over and over again. Geminis will be torn because they’ll want to do both, and Libras will just buy two copies so they can do both.

Little Likes Kids Camping Outdoors Jumbo Puzzle 48 Pieces

Looking for a relatively quick puzzle session with smaller kids? Check out this jumbo-style one with 48 pieces. It’s great for younger kids, puzzlers looking for a faster building experience, or those new to puzzles. Features a lively outdoor scene of people enjoying a campsite, roasting marshmallows, and playing games. Start a conversation around the images you’re building together: What do you think the person in the blue cap is buying from the store? Which tent would you want to sleep in? Do you think they’ll play tug-of-war with that rope? 

All Are Welcome Here! 1000 Piece Family Puzzle

What better puzzle to tackle as a group than one that carries an inspiring message of togetherness and serves as a reminder to celebrate diversity in all its forms! Charmingly illustrated in a cheerful palette of pinks, yellows, blues, and browns, the All Are Welcome puzzle invites the puzzler to identify with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Which face in the crowd are you? I’m the pink lady with pink hair, in yellow, standing behind the bird. 

MudPuppy Little Scientist 500-Piece Puzzle

The perfect puzzle for the kids who are curious about all things science! If 500 pieces sounds a little daunting, that’s fair, but you should know that the grid-style design and medium sized puzzle pieces make the process go a lot faster, especially with adults helping. Get to know each of the little scientists with the included guide, and learn some science facts as you build!

LEGO Minifigure 1000 Piece Puzzle

You already love construction, so putting together a puzzle featuring your favorite block brand just makes sense. Lego is here, reppin’ all your favorite minifigs in this 1000-piece puzzle made for families of dedicated Blockheads. This is a challenging family puzzle that will have you putting away your Legos, so you can make room for your Legos!

Fred Lilypad Explorer 1000-Piece Puzzle

Drift away downstream as a family as you piece together a beautiful illustration by Yuko Shimizu from Fred’s Artist Series of puzzles. Novice puzzlers might have a difficult time piecing this together on their own, but avid puzzle fans looking for a challenge will appreciate the tricky repetition of shapes and the unique art style. 

Updated June 2022