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Our Kid Toy Experts Say Pixicade Is a Big Winner

The future is now and it’s cool! Turn doodles into a playable video game — it's like being a magician! Or some kind of genius or something.

Matt Harvey


Pixicade is the groundbreaking techno-play-thing that turns your kiddo's doodles into an actual, playable video game. Look, we don’t understand how video games are made — Pong still feels like Prometheus stole it and passed it down to us, don’t even get us started on how microwaves work (we’ve less than zero idea). However, thanks to the Hogwarts-worthy wizardry of the Pixicade, we don’t need to know how it’s done to do it!

All your small friend has to do is make a drawing, take a picture of their masterpiece with the family tablet and Pixicade will take care of the rest! If a 2D side-scrolling platformer is the favored format, it's possible to design 1 with 0 experience in the coding world. If pulling an amazing maze from the diabolically clever corners of the mind is something that sounds fun, Pixicade can make it happen!


Kiddos can create games as a solo mission, collaborate with a friend (or enemy), challenge a fun uncle, or lose a game of their own design to their supernaturally gifted grandma (how does she never lose at Monopoly?) — that kind of fun-time is waiting to be unlocked! If you're worried that your little will run out of super rad, totally dope and never boring ideas, the Pixicade comes with a prompt book to spark the flame of their inspiration and help them get back on the proverbial pony-cycle. They can make games in the style of Breakout (Brick Breaker), Pong (Volley Versus), and many more! The package includes special markers, blank sheets of paper (any paper will do), the aforementioned book of game examples, and heaping helpings of inexplicable magic.