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Must-Have Pool Games and Toys to Make the Summer a Splash

Unleash the Kraken! Or at least the floating chicken.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

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A hot sunny day spent at the pool is the best. The only thing that can make it better? Some awesome pool toys and games. Here are some of the best inflatables, waterproof games, and action packed toys to add to your pool this summer. 

Sunnylife Seahorse Uni Inflatable 3D Beach Ball

Invite a sparkly 3D unicorn to your next pool party — they won't eat all the watermelon and they're pretty fun to float with! This sturdy inflatable beach ball has a pretty, sparkly unicorn (or seahorse-icorn?) inside to bring a little magic to your average pool volleyball game.

Sunnylife Neon Pool Ring Soakers

Not just floating innertubes, these pool rings are a call to aquatic arms! The brightly-colored floaty rings are equipped with a pool soaker that lets you engage in epic water fights. Each set comes with two rings, so you and a BFF (Best Floating Friend) can get right into the splashing action.

Sunnylife Glitter Inflatable Noodle

Listen, we're big fans of the traditional foam pool noodle (have you seen some of the amazing pool noodle crafts you can make with those things?). But an inflatable, glittery pool noodle really ups the style quotient on your pool toys. You've never floated on a more glamorous piece of water spaghetti.

Sunnylife Shark Attack Bubba Float Friend

Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun dun dun dun don't worry! The only thing these sharks attack are pool waves. Now the littlest fish can get in on the pool action with a shark-shaped floatie. CHOMP.

Watermelon Ball

Underwater sports have never been easier thanks to the watermelon ball. The favorite-summer-fruit-turned-pool-toy inflates when it is filled with water rather than air, making underwater play a breeze. Head to the pool and see just how far it will pass, dribble, and bounce. 

Uno Flip Splash Matching Card Game

With Uno Flip Splash, you can take the card game right into the pool. Not only are the cards waterproof, they're also double-sided, giving the classic version of the game a new twist. Just make sure you come ready to win!

Swimline Log Flume Joust Set

It’s time to put your inner water gladiator to the test with the Log Flume Joust Set. Blow up the logs and head to the pool to test your balance before you start the competition — honestly, balancing on one of these logs is probably the hardest part. Your main goal is to see who can stay on the longest without being knocked off by your competition. Try not to get too waterlogged! (Get it? Get it?)

Jumbo Tic Tac Toe Game

This oversized version of tic tac toe is just what you need to make your pool days a blast. Set up a tournament or see how many games you can win in a row. The inflatable game board includes 10 reversible X’s and O’s, so you can strategize your best gameplay in advance to make your winning move. 

Blue Wave Aqua Golf

Just because you’re hanging poolside doesn’t mean your golf game has to stop. Practice your putting and see just how close you can come to a hole-in-one with Blue Wave Aqua Golf. The golf balls float in the pool, so don’t worry if you go a little off course and end up in the water trap.

Shootball Floating Pool Basketball Game

It’s time for a slam dunk! Take your basketball game right into the pool with this Shootball Floating Pool Basketball hoop. The hoop stands at 45 inches tall, giving you a little challenge in order to get that perfect swish. Keep the game simple in the shallow end of the pool or take it to the deep end for a real test. 

Inflatable Pool Volleyball Set

It doesn’t get more classic than a game of volleyball in the pool. This inflatable setup comes with everything you need to nail that game-winning spike. Start a pool volleyball league at the beginning of the summer with the family and see who can reign supreme to take home the trophy. 

Inflatable Flamingo Ring Toss

Think you know ring toss? Think again. This inflatable version of ring toss takes everything you love about the classic game and makes it water-friendly — and lets the flamingoes feel right at home. Play in the shallow end of the pool or take a swing and see if you can make contact while treading water in the deep end. Want to make the game even harder? Wear the flamingoes on your head and turn yourself into a moving target. Bonus points if you manage to score during that round!

Melissa & Doug Spark Shark Fish Hunt

The fun doesn’t stop just because it’s the kiddie pool — in fact, the toys might be even cooler. I mean, just look at this Melissa & Doug Spark Shark Fish Hunt water toy! Kids can swim like sharks to gobble floating fish, or race each other to see who can grab the most colorful fish in their shark net.

Inflatable Floating Pirate Castle

Gather ye mateys and take to the high seas, er, deep end of the pool. Set up the inflatable boat and get ready to become captain of the ship. Hopefully, you won’t have to walk the plank — the diving board plank, that is. 

Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

Give a whole new meaning to the game of “Go Fish” with these waterproof cards. The complete deck of cards is made out of a clear waterproof material, so you can take the games right into to pool. You can even throw them around the bottom of the pool, putting a new spin on 52-pick up.

Poolmaster Inflatable Floating Jumbo Target Game

Thanks to this inflatable floating jumbo target game, your aim will be impeccable by the end of the summer. Challenge your siblings to see who can rack up the most points, or simply practice your hand-eye coordination and see how many targets you can clear in a row. As you get better, move the float into the deep end and really put your skills to the test.

Giant Ring Toss

You know that simple ring toss toy you played with as a kid? Well, this inflatable version takes the exact same concept and puts it right into the pool. You might want to keep this one in the shallow end — unless you're up for a challenge — as the rings stack up to over 5 feet tall when fully inflated. 

Chicken Fight Inflatable Pool Float

Think you can be the last bird standing? There’s only one way to find out in this game of chicken. Hop on the float and see if your skills are up to the test. These inflatable chicken floats take everything you love about the classic game of chicken and turn it into a safer pool-friendly game.