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Introducing Present Shop, the First Place Where Kids Can Shop Online

Parents kick things off, but then kids take over! Present Shop is the first online store designed to be used by kids of all ages.

Camp Stores · 5 months ago

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There’s a lot of fun stuff grown-ups get to do that kids just don’t have access to. Stuff like taxes, fantasy sports, scheduling oil changes… you know, mature stuff. Okay, maybe those are bad examples, but there is something super fun that grown-ups get to do every single day that kids just can’t do, and that’s shopping for toys and presents online.

Camp is here to solve that problem with Present Shop, the first online shopping experience built for kids. Just set them up with some dough, then let them go, go, go! Present Shop is intuitive and easy to use, but we’ve put together this guide so you can get a sense of how it works before you set your kids loose. Have fun!

Welcome to Present Shop! The first place where kids can shop online.



Whether it’s for allowance, birthday parties, Father’s Day, or any other occasion you can think of, Camp’s Present Shop makes online gift shopping easy. So easy, in fact, that even kids can use it. That’s actually the whole point!

Grown-ups kick things off...



Don’t worry; we’re not just handing your kids your credit card and telling them to go nuts. Grown-ups start the process by visiting to tell us a bit about their kids — who they are and who they’re shopping for — and then purchase coins for little ones to use while shopping.

Share your code...



When grown-ups are finished with the boring parts, Present Shop will generate a unique code for them to share with their kids. The codes are all pretty fun and easy to remember, so it should be easy for little ones to use them too. Kids will input the code at and they’re ready to start shopping!

Meet Scout, your kids’ virtual guide to Present Shop!



We invited our friend Scout the bear to help kids navigate Present Shop. He’s there to ask questions, offer suggestions, and make the Present Shop experience as easy and fun as possible for your kids.

Quiz your way to great gift recommendations...



Scout will start things off by asking your kids a few personality questions. He’ll ask about TV shows or movies they like, favorite colors, activities they like to do in their free time — stuff along those lines. Behind the scenes, Present Shop will use that information to build a custom shopping experience in real-time, so kids see all the things they love most.

Let the shopping begin!



Once the quiz is complete, the shopping begins! Kids can scroll through our recommended gifts and tap individual products for more information about them, including videos for kids who can’t read. When they find something they like, it’s as easy as dragging it into their collection!

Scout is here to help...



Scout will be there every step of the way to help kids get through Present Shop. He’ll offer suggestions, celebrate your kid’s choices, and keep track of how many coins they have left to spend. If only in-person shopping were this friendly!

Spend up all those coins!



Every product on Present Shop will have a price in coins on it. As kids add things to their cart, Scout will help them track how much they have left to spend. They’re always free to move toys and gifts in and out of their carts until they’ve spent all their money and are happy with their purchases. Once they’re done shopping, it’s time to get creative!

Add a personal touch...



Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion or just to treat yourself, you’ll have the option to create your own card to be included with your Present Shop gifts. Choose your favorite card design, then use our collection of stickers, drawing tools, and text boxes to customize your card. We’ll print it off and include it in your Present Shop package!




When your kids have finished their shopping and designed their cards, we’ll get to work collecting and packaging up all the gifts they bought. We even ship them out in special boxes that look like fun packages! Your kids will be so excited to see that iconic Camp box show up on their doorstep. That’s it! Present Shop couldn’t be simpler for kids and grown-ups alike.

Check out Present Shop today and get shopping!