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A Kid Reviews the World's Cutest Toy: The Purrble

Purrble is a cuddly, interactive companion who helps kids find calm in moments of stress. As we discovered, he is very, very nice indeed.

Jack Shepherd

IMG 5110

Purrble arrived one day in a small, unassuming box. The box told us to be ever-so-quiet, and so we were.

IMG 4859

But after a time, the mystery was too much. We needed to know: “Who is Purrble? And why is he asleep inside this box?” We put our most experienced, professional, and effective investigator on the case. 

IMG 4871

With all the solemnity and trepidation he could muster, our investigator removed the outer casing of this mysterious box to reveal some kind of a habitat. And something was definitely sleeping inside. 

IMG 4874

I hope it will not come as a shock to readers to learn that, nestled inside this box like a furry alien stowaway … was Purrble. 

IMG 4899

Using the very latest in forensic science, shoe-leather detective work, and old-fashioned diplomacy, our investigator sprang into action and gave Purrble a hug. 

IMG 4943

This proved auspicious. Purrble likes to be hugged, and he responds with soothing vibrations and purrs, as well as soft vocalizations that seemed to resonate strongly with our investigator, who speaks Nonsense-Talk like a second language. "He's saying Mmmrrwwwww!" our investigator announced, knowingly. 

IMG 5037

All parties felt calmer and more focused after this soothing interaction with Purrble, whose tremblings and purrings are (I can think of no other way to describe this) exceedingly endearing, as they become calmer and softer in response to petting. The calming presence of Purrble steeled our spines and stiffened our resolve for the work that was yet to come. First, we showed Purrble to Baby …

IMG 5047-B

This went well. So well, in fact, that we pressed our advantage and introduced Purrble to Cat. 

IMG 5149

This was a rousing success! (Purrble and Cat speak the same language.) Next, following Purrble’s directions (well, the directions on his box), we began to decorate his habitat.

IMG 5057

This was also fairly successful, though Purrble didn’t seem particularly impressed with our artistic endeavors.

IMG 5066

At this juncture, our investigator learned that he had another pressing engagement that was simply too important to put off any longer (reader, it was Day Care), so we gave Purrble another hug before returning him to his newly painted home. I should note that when Purrble is around, it is very difficult to avoid hugging him. It’s the noises, you see. They’re very, very sweet. And Purrble’s little heart beat slows when you soothe him!

IMG 5077

Goodbye, Purrble. We love you.

IMG 5103