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6 Runway-Ready Rainbow High Styles You Can Actually Wear

Meet the freshman class of Rainbow High, and get ready to steal their most colorful lewks.

Sarah Burns

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As a high schooler, I pretty much lived in Jncos, ball chains, and Hypercolor t-shirts, and really could have used a lesson in fashion from these ladies. Meet the freshman class of Rainbow High! They’re on a mission to redefine style, and put on the fashion show of their lives — or risk being booted from the most exclusive fashion program for high school students. Catch their vibe, and walk the runway, Rainbow High style!

1. Ruby Anderson

Trailblazer and sneakerhead queen Ruby Anderson’s style is smokin’! Glow up with bold reds and golds, and get some kicks that are totally fire.

This tutorial will walk you through making your own smokin’ sneaks, but if your artistic skills aren’t up to snuff, this version is spot-on. Or pick up a pair of classic Chucks with Ruby's signature red-hot style.

A comfy and casual piece like this raglan tshirt never goes out of style — especially when paired with something bright and daring like a sparkly red skirt.

2. Poppy Rowen

Rainbow High’s reigning monarch of music, DJ Poppy Rowen’s bold taste extends to her fashion sense — and her penchant for rocking shocking shades of vibrant orange.

A natural social butterfly, her passion for fashion meshes glam with casual-wear, like this brilliant bubble coat, paired with glittery gold socks.

With these realistic-looking butterfly hair clips, and winged boots, you’ll be lookin’ fly from head toe.

5. Skyler Bradshaw

Just like Mario’s overalls, Skyler’s all about that denim-denim-denim. And not just for jeans: Try trading in a t-shirt for denim overall dress or get crafty and embellish a jean jacket — don’t worry, Amazon’s got you covered if you wanna skip right to the wearing.

Put on these socks, and you’ll be walking on air; but if your head is in the clouds, you’re probably wearing them wrong.

6. Violet Willow

A details diva, and dripping with drama, Violet Willow loves luxury, bling, and being a little extra.

Dare to pair these glittery socks with some show stopping shoes, and snag some serious style points while staying cozy with this soft and shaggy lilac coat.

Complete your lavender look with a dainty pair of sequined hoops, and bring some class with you to class.