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If Your Kiddo Loves Transformers, They'll Love These Robots and Transforming Toys

No Decepticons here — just a mind-blowing list of robot toys, and toys that transform right before your eyes!

Owen Cluer

Robot Toys for Kids Who Love Transformers

When I was a kid, Transformers toys were always my favorite. I loved reconfiguring them into whatever form they could take — trucks to robots, dinosaurs to robots, buildings to…well…robots! But they were always a surprise and a fun puzzle to figure out. From there I always gravitated towards toys that let me imagine them into something else. 

Though we all know about Optimus Prime and his Autobots, there are lots more transforming toy options, with even more creative and stimulating metamorphoses. 

Here are ten toys that are more than meets the eye — for any kiddo who's crazy for Transformers!

Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot

Roll over Optimus — this 2019 Toy of the Year is a dynamic transforming toy with endless ways to play. Kids can “program” Botley using remote controls and motherboard cards to navigate obstacle courses and mazes, or use Botley's detachable arms to manipulate (or avoid) objects. Botley also has a number of impersonations stored up his little robot sleeves — he can be a train, a shark, or even (everyone's favorite) a ghost! A fantastic, fun introduction to STEM toys, Botley comes with everything you need to play right in the box (which means no frustrating apps to download).

Pre-Bot Figurine

Pre-Bot takes the vintage-style wooden robot into the future! Colorful, friendly, and fully-adjustable, Pre-Bot gives kids a fun, durable toy to take along on all their adventures. Pre-Bot is also from strong, recycled pine, and built to withstand the most active playtimes. This bot is a buddy for life!

Blockaroo 10-Piece Robot Set

Blockaroo is a block set like no other! These tactile, magnetic blocks come together in any number of creative arrangements, from robots to rocket ships and everything in between! Designed by teachers, Blockaroo sets offer a full range of stimulating STEM and imaginative play potential. And Blockaroo is one robot that’s not afraid of getting wet, being both buoyant and dishwasher safe! This makes Blockaroo the perfect block buddy for any adventure — bathtime, the backyard, and those long car rides to Grandma’s.

LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

Bring the Jurassic era to your living room with this 3-in-1 LEGO dinosaur set! From these eye-catching prehistoric pieces you can resurrect the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex, the horned Triceratops, and the swift, soaring Pterodactyl! Each figure has posable joints for interactive play, and come with those distinctly dino traits, such as pointy teeth, razor sharp claws (well, maybe not that sharp), and those bright orange eyes. This set is perfect for kids in the throes of their dinosaur phase, LEGO enthusiasts, or any kid who loves the creative challenge of transforming toys!

MagFormers Wow 16-Piece Set

Award-winning MagFormers take transformation to a new level, where colorful 2D pieces can be connected to form fully mobile 3D vehicles! Kids can independently work through the 39 full-sized construction cards, or take their imaginations off-road and create their own designs. The variety of shapes included allow for any number of cool configurations, and serve as a fun, hands-on introduction to basic geometry and engineering (without the protractors!). 

Fisher Price 4-in-1 Learning Bot

Designed to grow with your child, Learning Bot is actually four different little buddy bots in one, each with their own music, lights, and interactive games. Kids can learn their ABC’s while chasing the motor bot, or develop their own motor skills by pressing, twisting, pushing, clicking, flipping all of Learning Bot’s hands-on features. As kids get bigger, so can Learning Bot — by assembling all 4 of the smaller bots together, you get a full robot with its own unique songs and games! True to its name, Learning Bot also has 3 Smart Stages, which advance along with your child, and help them learn letters, shapes, quantum physics (hhmm), colors, and more through songs and play.  

PAW Patrol Chase 2-in-1 Transforming Cruiser

Cut to the Chase with his awesome, transforming Pupmobile cruiser! With realistic lights and sirens, an impenetrable Armor Mode, and a motorcycle launcher, no emergency is too ruff for this canine cop! With the press of a button, Chase’s cruiser goes from bark to bite with a projectile launcher and protective shields. Another press and you can send Chase barrelling down Adventure City’s boulevards on his trusty motorcycle! Hang on guys, Chase has the scent and is racing to the rescue!

PAW Patrol: The Movie Marshall Transforming Deluxe Fire Truck

Why fight fire with fire when you could fight fire with Marshall, PAW Patrol’s daring dalmatian! Marshall’s new fire truck is like no other: with the press of a button, the back springs into action, revealing a powerful water cannon with a launchable projectile! You can also raise the back for full firefighting mode. So whether Adventure City is struck with a 5-alarm fire, or (more exciting) a cat stuck in a tree, Marshall and his truck are ready to save the day!

4M Tin Can Robot

Lots of epic things transform into robots, but what about everyday items, like a tin can? 4M’s Tin Can Robot is built at the intersection of imagination, STEM learning, and renewability. Take an ordinary soda can (or ‘pop can’ for you Midwestern folks) and using the contents of this kit, transform it into a playful motorized robot, or monster, or monster robot! Tin Can Robot is a great toy for introducing engineering, sustainability, and robotics fundamentals.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Tegu’s colorful menagerie of carefully crafted magnetic blocks is pure fantasy fuel. Much like looking at the clouds and transforming them into animals or objects, Tegu allows kids and grown-ups alike to reshape the world to their imagination, building castles or cats or canoes — you name it! — from the 14 uniquely shaped blocks in this set. Tegu’s stated quest is to “Free Play” and along the way they’ve earned a reputation for quality and design. This is a guaranteed hit with any age group, 0-99.