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Screen-Free Gift Ideas for Kids

No notifications, emojis, or leveling up required for maximum fun!

Daniel Fernandez



As awesome and engaging as it is to explore fantastical realms, have online dance parties, and build virtual worlds, if you’ve noticed that the kid in your life spends a lot of time having fun behind a screen, then this list of screen-free gift ideas is meant for you. No disrespect to all the super fun video games and consoles out there (this is my disclaimer for when the robots take over), but balance is key. 

There’s no substitute for laughing with friends, feeling dirt under your toes and having hands-on fun and these screen-free gift ideas offer exactly that. Let’s turn on that airplane mode and get to playing! 

Screen-Free Gifts for Artsy Kids



If your child is just as likely to make art with their food ("see how the macaroni are really just elephant ballerinas dancing which is itself a metaphor for life, Mom?”) as eat it, you might not have a messy eater but rather the next Jackson Pollock on your hands. These fun gift ideas are for the artistically-inclined kid in your life.

Screen-Free Gifts for the Speedsters



At your house, “The Fast and The Furious” isn't so much a popular movie franchise as shorthand for your child and how they like to play. Here are some super fun gift ideas designed to help your kid fulfill their need for speed. 

Screen-Free Gifts for Future Stand-Up Comedians



Fart sounds? Fake poop? Goofy stories? These gifts are for kids who love pranks, hijinks, and have a strong penchant for maximum antics and all things goofy. Also, if your child’s name is “Tom Foolery” then these are kind of a no-brainer.

Screen-Free Gifts for Video Gamers



These gift ideas will invite the avid gamer in your family to step out of their usual 2D gaming experience and into something a little more involved (and silly). From throwable burritos to freestyle raps, they’ll see that a controller isn’t always required for fun! 

Screen-Free Gifts for Small Explorers



If your child owns more than one metal detector, pair of binoculars, or is always trying to convince you why a fun family outing would be to go steal the Declaration of Independence (or they just love learning, tactile toys, and adventures) then it sounds like you’ve got an explorer on your hands! 

Screen-Free Gifts for Athletes



You hear a sound coming from downstairs. It’s 4:00 am. You gulp and wipe the sweat from your forehead. You walk down the stairs and you see...your kid doing handstand pushups in between sipping raw egg yolks straight out of the glass. Yep, you’ve got an athlete on your hands.