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The Best, Most Perfect Presents for the Best, Most Perfect September Birthday Kids

Know someone special with a September birthday coming up? We've got you covered!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns


Summer might be coming to an end, but the party is just beginning for those of you with September birthdays. As we transition from summer to fall, September kids get to enjoy the best of both seasons and their very special day. To make it extra special, we've rounded up some of our favorite gifts we think September-born folks will love! 

Little Mashers Lightning Bolt Glow in the Dark Sweatshirt

Time to get that fall wardrobe ready! It's still too soon for coats and layers, but come nightfall, temperatures drop and a light sweater is all you need. This cozy sweatshirt adds some extra magic to your kid's fall get-up — printed with a special ink that not only glows in the dark but can also be drawn onto with a small penlight. The afterglow of the drawing remains on the sweatshirt for 5 minutes. Get them ready for sweater weather!

Rock & Roll It Code Drum

One of the greatest gifts you can give to someone is a new hobby, wouldn't you say? Especially when that new hobby is jamming out! Get your kiddo ready to rock with this award-winning, colorful, flexible, and portable drum set that is equal parts playful and educational. It features multiple drum sounds, professional demos, accompanying tracks, and record and playback functions. The color-coded set makes it easy to bang it like Bonham!

Funwares Nachosaurus Snack & Dip Bowl Set

Who knew there was a day called Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day? Neither did we, but it occurs every year on September 22nd, and we're 100% here for it! Let's face it — nachos make any day more fun, and this dino-themed snack set is the very essence of fun in a bowl! Nachos not your thing? This ferocious snackasaurus is just as happy to hold veggies, crackers, dips, candy, and other yummy nibblies — because he's a versatile kind of fellow and a gentleman, thank you very much.

Letters To Me When I Grow Up…

What if kids could write to their future selves? Letters To Me When I Grow Up… allows them to do just that, featuring 12 letters bound together into a keepsake book. They can tell stories, make lists, draw pictures, and imagine who they'll become! No one knows what the future will bring, but that's all part of the fun. 

Hearth Song Buddy Bumper Ball Set

Forget about birthday bumps! This is how we roll: surrounded by a huge inflatable ball that cushions you from harm's way. The set includes two balls, so the birthday kid and a friend can bump into each other for every year of their age — or more, because who's counting?

Polaroid i-Type Camera

On their special day, create memories and immortalize them in photos! This updated version of the classic instant camera captures moments as they see them — featuring autofocus so they can relive their birthday in all its awesome detail.

Plantable Lilipops

Growing up is fun — especially when growing up means candy. These lollipops come with special biodegradable sticks that you can plant and watch transform into a beautiful herb or flower. Kids can choose from a variety of flavors in each pack: Sage & Marshmallow (to grow sage), Lavender & Lemongrass (to grow lavender), Peach & Marigold (to grow marigold), Strawberry & Basil (to grow basil), Champagne & Roses (to grow rosetta cosmo), Rosemary & Mint (to grow mint), Lemon & Thyme (to grow thyme), and Vanilla and Hibiscus (to grow baby blue eyes). 

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Updated June 2022