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These Chalk Games and Sidewalk Chalk Sets Will Be the MVPs of the Summer

Yes, you will get messy. And that’s okay.

Deena Campbell · 4 months ago

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sidewalk chalk games


Move over crayons. Warm weather is here and it’s the perfect time for budding artists to express themselves outdoors with chalk. 

And if you think playing with chalk is for kids, you’ve totally missed the point. Grab a stick and let your inner artist shine on. Whether it’s playing hopscotch, drawing your favorite animal or simply helping your kiddo write their name, we’ve rounded up the coolest crop of sidewalk chalk games and sets that are essentials for the summer season.

Classic Chalk Hopscotch

hopscotch diagram


Hopscotch never gets old — a bold claim for sure, but we’re hard-pressed to find a family who will dispute it. It’s probably the oldest outdoor game in the book and yet it still brings all the smiles and giggles to every kid.

The rules are simple, but here's a refresher in case it's been a while: Draw a basic hopscotch diagram like the one pictured above. Toss a stone or beanbag into the first square: If it falls on a line or outside the square, you lose a turn and the next player is up. If your marker falls inside the square, it's time to get hopping: Hop on one foot over the first square and into the next empty square, then continue hopping through the diagram (landing with two feet on the paired squares, and again at the end). When you reach the square where your marker is, lean over (still on one foot!) and pick it up. Continue until you've tossed your marker into each numbered square and hopped your way through each spot!

Twee Chalk Cheesy Pizza Chalk Set

Playing with (fake) food has never been more fun with this pizza chalk that looks just like your favorite meal. Use the pizza slices on sidewalks, asphalt, concrete, and slate for cool outdoor fun that’s nearly unbreakable. Pizza not your thing? Maybe unicorn horn chalk or frosted donut chalk will inspire your next sidewalk chalk masterpiece.

Sight Word Fun

sidewalk chalk games


Learn or play? Littles won’t have to choose when enjoying a sight word activity. Have your tike form as many words as possible and then have them read each word aloud. Draw pictures and create stories with each word for added fun.

Sun Squad Scented Chalk Set

It sounds slightly unreal, but did you know you can turn outdoor playtime into a draw and sniff experience? This scented chalk set lets users choose from cherry, peach, banana, kiwi ,and pineapple scented sticks to liven up their sidewalk and their sensory perception. Just be sure tiny ones don’t put them in their mouths. 

Chalk Drawing Guessing Game

chalk games


There’s nothing like an old-fashioned Pictionary game to get creative juices flowing. Need a refresher on this classic game? Each player must guess the mystery person, place, thing, or action being drawn by their partner. The team that guesses the most words correctly wins. We promise artistic skills aren’t required — in fact, the wilder the drawings, the better the game! 

Creative Kids Premium Sidewalk Chalk Art Play Set

Just when you thought you had enough chalk pieces laying around in your driveway, Creative Kids offers another way to expand your collection. This set not only includes 30 pieces of chalk, but also three chalk holders and five stencil designs. Best of all, the bucket can be repurposed and used as a mini toy chest or snack holder. 

Sidewalk Chalk City



Got a few toy cars and trucks rolling around? Get to work using sidewalk chalk to create a cityscape for them to ride through, with roads, bridges, tunnels, hills, buildings ... maybe even a racetrack or two.

Boley Spray Chalk Paint Set

These colorful spray chalks are washable (thank goodness!) and show up nicely on most outdoor surfaces of all kinds — even snow and sand — which makes this the perfect year-round chalk art supply for all your sidewalk masterpieces. 

Sidewalk Chalk Typewriter



Use chalk to draw 26 circles with letters in them, all fairly close together but in no particular order — these are your "typewriter keys." Then take turns calling out words for players to "type" by hopping on one foot onto each letter to spell the word out. No fair calling out supercalifragilisticexpealidocious.