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All the Awesome Sleepover Essentials You Need for the Best Slumber Party Ever

Pillow fights, scary stories, junk foo— umm, healthy snacks? Sounds like a sleepover! Here’s what they’ll need for a night of sleepover fun (actual sleep optional).

Daniel Fernandez

CAMP Bags StyledTieDyeBigDuffle extended

What do you call a woodsman who wears flannel footy pajamas and has sleepover parties with all of his friends? A SLUMBERJACK.

*sighs heavily* All right, now that I’ve got that out of my system, here’s the lowdown. 

As fun as sleepovers can be, sometimes spending an entire night away from home can be a little nerve wracking. Don’t worry, we’ve got the sleepover essentials that’ll help everybody have an awesome time — even if sleep isn't actually on the agenda.

CAMP Duffel Bag

Little known fact, the sleepover actually starts BEFORE the sleepover. It requires the utmost focus and preparation to make sure kids pack their favorite toys and games to share with all their pals. They’ll need a trusty carrier to ferry all of their goodies to and from their friend’s house: Look no further than the CAMP duffle bag, so perfectly sized and sturdy!  

Crocodile Dentist

Let the games begin! A sleepover cannot be deemed “successful” unless fun is had and roofs are raised.  Crocodile Dentist is a super fun game to kick off the night with — kids take turns pressing down on the tiny plastic teeth of this crocodile and avoid the sore tooth. Once they hit it, those jaws come chomping down! 

LEGO Rainbow Bricks Puzzle

Coming in at a whopping 1,000 pieces, this puzzle by LEGO is a team building exercise in disguise. Featuring all different shades of the rainbow in LEGO brick format, this puzzle will require all hands on deck to get done, and will definitely help pass the time while everyone waits for the pizza to arrive. 

Kids Against Maturity

Perfect for large groups (best when played with 4+ players), this game set includes 600 hilarious and cheeky question-and-answer cards. Each player takes turns asking questions of the other players and the asker chooses the funniest answer at the end of the round; poop jokes abound. Maturity, thy nemesis is Kids and tonight you meet in battle.

Wormies Temporary Tattoos

These quirky and silly worm tattoos by Tattly are safe and non-toxic, and only last for 2-4 days — so parents everywhere, this is me asking you to not freak out if you get a text message from your child that reads: “I’m having so much fun and I miss you! Also, I got a face tattoo!”

Nailmatic Nail Polish Set

Bust out the cotton swabs and playground gossip, because it’s nail-painting time! With four different colors (sparkles included, obvs), Nailmatic’s water-based nail polishes are formulated specially for kids and will look super cute to boot! 

FaceTory 7 Days of Masking Set

After movies and pizza and fun in general, it’s time to get ready for bed, and we here at CAMP are staunch advocates of a night time skin care routine. This pack includes seven face masks made for all skin types and are perfect for everyone at the sleepover to use before bed. They’ll wake up with glowing skin and looking refreshed (even though you know they stayed up all night watching movies). 

The Dream Pillow: Sharkie Dreamimal

The Dreamimal Sharkie plush pillow makes going to sleep a magical experience, regardless whether or not you’re at a sleepover. This 100% cotton shark shaped pillow comes with a story book and 60 blank dream wish notes which your kiddo can draw or write their wishes and dreams on before they go to bed! 

iScream Reversible Mermaid Sequin Pillow

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for iScream’s Reversible Mermaid Sequin Pill — ” “What’s with all the screaming, is everything okay?!” “Yeah, everything is fine, sorry Dad, I was just showing off my new reversible sequin mermaid pillow.” “Oh my gosh, this pillow is fantastic. Where on earth did you get it?!"

Burrito Blanket

Ever heard the saying “snug as a bug in a rug”? Well how about: “snug as a mosquito sipping a mojito in a burrito…blanket”? Made of 100% microfiber (not out of flour, sorry) and 5 feet in diameter, with this blanket kids can transform themselves into a burrito, taco, quesadilla or any other item of Mexican cuisine. Just remind them, it’s not edible!

Squishable Comfort Food Avocado

At first, it was cute when your kid started holding an avocado instead of a stuffed animal when they went to bed. Now, it’s been 4 months and you’re spending a fortune on replacing their avocado every 4-5 days. The 15” inch Squishables Avocado never goes bad and is the perfect plush for squishing! Happy Place Sleep Mask

After board games, pizza, and movies, it’s finally time to tuck in for the night. To help them get the best and most peaceful sleep while away from home the Happy Place sleep mask has them covered. Literally.

Scout the Bunk Buddy

Unfortunately, we here at CAMP are powerless over their friend Sammy’s ridiculously loud snoring. But we can offer a solution. Our bear-y favorite pal and the fearless leader of the Bunk Buddies, Scout, will be there to comfort your little one through the night and at the very least, they can put him over their ears to drown out sounds.