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Cool Stuff to Totally Space Out Your Room With

Make your room the coolest spot in the solar system — no, the galaxy. No, wait — in the *universe.*

Sarah Burns

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Fred | Kid Made Modern

It’s a glorious universe, full of beauty and wonder beyond our imaginations. If the same thing cannot exactly be said for your room, there's good news. With a few of these spaced-out special touches, you can get that intergalactic, shooting-star vibe you’re wishing for, without ever having to leave terra firma.

Kid Made Modern Wooden Spaceship Craft Kit

Gifts for Kids Who Love Space

Kid Made Modern

Design your perfect space vessel and imagine what it would be like to soar through the stars on your rocket, zip around black holes in a shuttle, and visit other planets via flying saucer. The kit includes paints, brushes, stickers to add cool spaceship details, and three unique, sturdy designs ready to go from paint job to playtime. These high-flyers make a colorful style statement whether they're displayed on the bookshelf or racing in outer space.

NASA Telescope & Planets Sticker

Only the top super scientists at NASA are supposed to have these, but we’ve bent the laws of physics to make them available to you, because they’re too cool to not to share. Display your space enthusiasm with pride with this snazzy space sticker, and remember to book a ticket to Cosmic Camp – because why should NASA have all the fun?

Jiggy Puzzle The Astronaut

Astronauts probably don’t get to enjoy puzzles much — all the pieces would just end up floating away, and 800 is a lot of pieces to go chasing (floating?) after. But here on earth, the gravity of the situation is different! Earth-bound puzzle enthusiasts, space fans, and art aficionados alike will love the stylish reusable jar, the included puzzle glue, and this beautiful piece of art to add to 

Luckies Originals Rocket Planter

It’s a rocket ship that’s spectacularly crashed into earth...but it’s also an art piece perfect for showcasing your air plants and succulents! This planter by Luckies Originals is a cosmically cute, cleverly designed ceramic piece that’ll add a little plant life to even the most barren of alien landscapes.

Fred Planet Pinned Up

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Genuine Fred

For centuries, we’ve been using the moon to help us keep track of the passage of time. It’s a natural satellite, and now you can hang it right over your desk to keep track of notes, reminders, and favorite photos. Six silver astronaut push pins help keep all the important stuff within orbit.

Yay Glow Galaxy Stars

Up the coolness cred of any room with these stick-on stars and their classic green glow. They’re lightweight, and can be stuck and restuck onto almost any surface with no damage, using just a bit of reusable wall tack. Finally, you can spend a night under the stars without leaving the comfort of your own bedroom. 

Crazy Aaron's Star Dust Cosmic Glow

Open the circular tin, and inside you’ll discover what looks like a black hole. Multi-colored sparkles glimmer a rainbow trapped within a dark sky — this putty is fun to play with, but also beautiful and mesmerizing to look at. Stretchable, bounceable, and super satisfying to squish, Crazy Aaron’s Star Dust Cosmic Glow Thinking Putty is an out-of-this-world sensory experience that’s calming, reduces anxiety, and improves focus.

Star Wars The Child Talking Plush

We couldn’t do a list about space stuff without the most precious child in the galaxy! You might know him as “Baby Yoda," but this plush cutie won’t really care what you call them —they’re just looking for a little protection and friendship in this harsh universe. Pose them for optimal Force usage, and give them a hug to hear their adorable, 50 year-old baby sounds! 

OMG Rocket Pop Fidgety

This rockin’ rocket will keep your fingers poppin’ with all the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap, but without any of the wasted plastic. It’s a great quiet stimulation toy that’s been proven to help focus, increase concentration, and reduce anxiety — all key components when it comes to learning, and paying attention during NASA training drills.

Klutz DIY Mini Eraser Aliens

Even the most experienced space adventurer can make a mistake now and again. From planetary pals to friendly space critters, with this crafty kit you can enlist a whole rocket ship full of spacey sidekicks. The kit includes a detailed book of directions with lots of pictures, a sculpting tool, materials to make 15 fun space friends, and even a buildable rocket launchpad backdrop to display your eraser alien creations! 

Grow an Alien

I’ve seen quite a few space movies in my time, and generally speaking, if you find an alien space egg, it’s probably best that you leave it alone, and run. You can put your Ridley Scott nightmares to rest with this little guy though! I mean, probably — right? Just pop the alien egg in some water, and wait to see what new life form emerges! We’ll wait over here, though.  

Mars Dirt and Moon Dust

Behold, the textures of our solar system! The Mars dirt is red, just like you’d expect from the Red Planet. And you might have heard the phrase “once in a blue moon” — well, that’s exactly when this particular moon dust was snatched up by lunar rovers before being packed to be played with by earth dwellers. Either way, you’ll have a kinetic sand concoction, and a couple astronauts you can send out to explore the strange new terrain!