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The Best Toys to Play with When the Weather Hits 60 Degrees

It’s all fun and games with perfect outdoor activities for those 60-something-degree days!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns



We’ve hit that spring weather sweet spot, where it’s warm enough to lose some layers but still cool enough for high-energy outdoor play without ending up in a pool of your own sweat! We can’t think of a better way to enjoy these gorgeous 60-degree days (give or take) than by playing with these super-fun toys and games that serve as the perfect excuse to get outside for some family fun! Whether you're looking for the best large outdoor toys, outdoor ride-on toys, or classic outdoor ball games, we've got you covered!

Ages 1-5

My First Flybar

Jeff Nass Photo 10 28 2018 HighRes-32


This isn’t just a regular pogo stick. This is My First Flybar, a starter pogo stick for toddlers, so they can also get in on the bouncing fun! In place of a traditional pogo stick, it features a strong bungee “spring,” foam grip handles, and a fun squeaky sound with every hop.

Franklin Sport Foldaway Batting Tee

Get some practice in before tryouts! This batting tee set is durable, folds up for storage and portability and is designed for players stepping up to the plate for  the very first time. Includes an oversized bat, and two wiffle balls until your little batter is ready for the big leagues. 

Pop2Play Rainbow Slide

We have it on good authority that when unicorns get the day off, the first thing they do is find a rainbow and slide down it, whinnying gleefully the whole way. But why should unicorns have all the fun? This storable, adorable pop-up slide assembles in 5 minutes and folds flat for easy storage!

Learning Resources Jumbo Dinosaurs

Learning Resources Jumbo Dinosaurs

Learning Resources

These “jumbo” dinos are smaller than their real-life counterparts, but they’re the perfect size for little hands to invent some ancient history of their own. That sandbox at the park might actually be an unforgiving desert filled with roaming Stegosauruses, looking for plant life. A muddy puddle from yesterday's rainstorm could really be a swamp of the Late Cretaceous, when T-Rex ruled as king. The box includes a handy dino guide with fun facts and conversation starters — and with this set, there's a lot for dinosaur fans to talk about!

Franklin Sports Runaway Bean Bag Toss

Franklin Sports Runaway Bean Bag Toss

Franklin Sports

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ bean bag toss? The Franklin Sports Runaway Bean Bag Toss adds an exciting new twist to the tossing fun, featuring a motorized base that moves the three-point target holes from side to side. Who’s up for the challenge?

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe LED

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe


There’s nothing like feeling the wind on your face as you bomb around the neighborhood on wheels! Give your kids a taste of freedom with the Micro Kickboard: it's a great scooter for beginners and advanced riders alike, providing a smoother ride with a Lean-to-Steer design. Who's ready to surf the sidewalk?

Micro Kickboard Scooter Head Green Dino

Micro Kickboard Scooter Head Green Dino

Micro Kickboard

Your kid'll be tearing up the sidewalks this season with a fierce, but friendly, scooter sidekick. Colorful, durable, and full of personality, it's super easy to turn their Mini or Maxi scooter into a green machine; simply fit it over the T-bar, and they’re ready for a prehistoric playtime.

Ages 6-8

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Walkie Talkie

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Walkie Talkie

Educational Insights

When park games need a tactical advantage, these walkie-talkies are a must. Kids can call in with reconn for games of capture the flag, or get the all clear to stake their claim on the choicest parts of the playground. Your kid and a friend can talk from around 300 feet away, with easy one-button, speakerphone style communication, complete with preloaded sound effects for when words just aren’t enough.

Unicorn Pony Cycle

Pony Cycle Pink Unicorn

Pony Cycle

They say unicorns only exist in make-believe, but the Pony Cycle Pink Unicorn brings kid's magical fantasies to life! Designed to feel like they’re riding an actual unicorn, it works by gently bouncing in the saddle to make the unicorn’s legs move in a galloping motion. Now kids can finally tick off riding a unicorn on their bucket list! 

Pony Cycle UX-Series Med Zebra Ages 4-9

If unicorns aren’t your thing, then perhaps galloping around the neighborhood on a zebra is more your style? Just jump in the saddle, bounce, and get ready to steer by holding onto the handlebars. You’re in for a wild ride on the Pony Cycle UX-Series Zebra!

Gymnic Hop 55

Gymnic Hop 55


Now that it's warmer outside, we're bouncing for joy on the Gymnic Hop 55! Providing endless hours of entertainment, kids won't even realize they're working on their balance and coordination while hopping around on this inflatable, bouncy ball of fun!

Treasure X Dino Hunter

Treasure X - Dino Hunter

Treasure X

Treasure X is back, and serving up another series of collectable, diggable adventures to discover! Kids can use the special included Digging Tool and and brush to chisel, chip away, and break apart the stone compound to free the Mini Dino within, and uncover buried treasure. Seven mysteries to unearth, and add to their personal hall of antiquities.

Spin Master Hatchimals Pixies Purple Crystal Flyers

Spin Master Hatchimals Pixies Purple Crystal Flyers

Spin Master

Have high flying backyard fun with a glittering fairy friend! Charge her up (USB cable included), and watch her spin and dance along with your child's movements, as she sparkles in the sunlight. Encourage your kid to summon up all their Pixie Power, and move their arms high to watch her soar into the sky – when they drop their hands low, and she’ll follow to hover close to the ground. It’s magical fairy fun at their fingertips! 

For Ages 9-11

Stomp Rocket Ultra LED

ultra2 1800x1800

Stomp Rocket

Run... Stomp... Jump... Liftoff! This Stomp Rocket set includes planes designed by real-life aeronautical engineers! Each plane performs a variety of super-cool stunts, from giant loops to soaring the skies at 100 feet.

Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball

Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball


Warmer days mean warmer nights, but temperatures still drop as soon as the sun goes down. That doesn’t mean the outdoor fun has to end. Let the kids hit the pitch at night with the Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball, and they’ll be warmed up and glowing (in more ways than one)! This soccer ball features advanced LED technology, meaning it glows with every kick, bounce, and roll!

Tangle NightBall Basketball

Tangle NightBall Basketball


Once they're done scoring goals, why not switch it up by shooting hoops? With the Tangle NightBall Basketball, they'll light up the court night and day as the ball illuminates with every bounce.

Franklin Sports Football Target Toss

Take your playtime fun to new heights with the Franklin Sports Football Target Toss! Practice that 7-step drop and hurl your mini-footballs into the targets just like Tom Brady! (Presumably. Surely Tom would hurl a mini football at one of these targets if he got a chance? They're irresistible!)

Westminster Kick Shot Hovering Soccer Game

Gather the fam for a game of hover soccer, just like they do in the literal FUTURE! With Kick Shot, the floating soccer disk glides across the ground and into easy-to-set-up goals anywhere the kids want to play!

For Ages 12-14

Mukikim Rock & Roll It Rainbow Piano

Mukikim Rock & Roll It Rainbow Piano: 1

Playing and practicing piano anywhere is as easy as rolling, unrolling, and switching this rainbow on. This portable keyboard features different instrument sounds, playback options, demo songs, and a songbook, so kids can start playing right outta the box. Use the built in speaker, or connect to an auxiliary one for amped up sound — or if they’re not ready to take their performance public just yet, there’s also a headphone jack so they can plug in and catch every note during practice. 

Litehawk Rowdy

Litehawk Rowdy


Rowdy is an RC toy to really flip over! Featuring a cutting edge, Swing Boom Axel design, each set of wheels can flip and turn individually to perform epic tricks and spins. It’s the ultimate stunt racer, with four oversized high-traction grip wheels, a rechargeable battery, and up to 20 minutes of continuous playtime, so there’s no missing out on any high-speed action. 

Gift Republic You Guac Served Ping Pong Set

Gift Republic You Guac Served Ping Pong Set

Gift Republic

Not your typical serving of avocado. Quick setup – just adjust the net over a table, and you’ll be ping-ponging in the park or poolside, smashing the competition like an overripe… well, you know. 

More Spring Toys for Indoor and Outdoor Play

Whether it's a rainy spring afternoon or a gorgeous day for the park, these spring picks will keep kiddos occupied, engaged, and playing hard!

Updated April 2022