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A Dad Reviews … Studio Creator Video Maker Kit

Our Dad Reviewer tests out a home kit that helps kids explore their creativity through video.

Gary Rudoren

Please note that the author is a dad. He will be reviewing toys with a general dadliness that only a dad can provide. This week we’ll be discussing the Video Maker Kit by Studio Creator – a gift for gifs! 


Sure, there are a lot of scary words for parents on the box like “TikTok,” “Facebook,” and “Snapchat.” None of us want to imagine that we would expose our kids to the jungle that is social media. But let’s get real. This past year has proved that screens are here to stay, and while I’m old enough to remember when I couldn’t carry the internet around in my pants pocket, I now refer to my own kids as “my little content makers.”

This is where a totally cool setup like Studio Creators Video Making Kit comes in super handy. It comes with everything you need to start your own production company (OK, maybe not the big stack of NDAs, but I’m sure that will be in the next generation). One thing you definitely get is materials to make it easier for your kids to shoot their own videos with their own ideas, using their own jokes that only they and their friends find funny. Sure, that’s where it starts — getting your friends to crack up — but kids these days are dreaming of going viral (in the more fun, pre-pandemic sense of the word). So many of these tiny-to-tween auteurs are itching to put themselves on camera. Kinder see, kinder do.


In fact, this is a generation that is ready, willing, and able to do anything but chores. Whatever incomprehensible things they’re watching during their screen time fuel dreams of making their own videos — sometimes goofy, sometimes personal, and almost always mystifying to their parents. But why should we care? Let them have their fun and use their imaginations — that’s what childhood should be about. All parents want their kids to be creative with their hands, but what I really like about the process of making a video is how it gets them excited about creating with their minds.


The smart folks at Studio Creator have the right setup for creativity. You get a ring light with three settings of light moods, an easy-to-use tripod with a dock for a smartphone, and a good-sized green screen cloth that even toddlers nowadays know is used for special effects. The whole setup is easy peasy even for Scorsese.

As you might know, I’m typically fixated on the box setup of a given toy, and this one couldn’t be simpler. Clear message, no film noir subtext. Items inside are wrapped in bubble wrap — the most fun non-toy item ever invented. The Video Maker Kit is a helpful means to an end. I like to think that it can bring families together — dinner talk can be enlivened by discussion of script ideas and production logistics; the carpool becomes less about kids staring at their screens and more about location scouting for their next cinematic vision. Maybe that’s overly optimistic, but I’m excited about the possibility of what kids can make once they have the right tools — and possibly a parent as a helpful producer or assistant director. (They’re called “ADs” in the biz.)


I shot a test video with my son who is 13 years old but pretty much lives in his Stitch onesie pajamas during this year of virtual learning. When I asked him what he wanted to film, he said he’d like to tell a joke. I’ll consider that a parenting win.

Bottom Line Dad Review

If your kid wants to be the next Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee, or Chloe Zhao, this video-making setup will help them shoot for the stars. Sorry, that was a Dad joke.

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