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The Sweetest, Most Cuddliest Stuffed Animal Friends For Any Age

You’re never too old to stop loving stuffed animals!

Sarah Burns · 5 months ago

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They can be cushions, pillows, decoration, but most importantly, they serve as our ever-loyal, never-judgemental friends: Stuffed animals are an instrumental part of development because they help kids practice social skills and build confidence by always having “someone” to talk too. Read on to find your next cuddly companion!

Melissa & Doug Gentle Jumbo Dinosaur Giant Plush Stuffed Animal

Tragically, the mighty cuddlesaurus has never had its own feature in the vast world of the Jurassic Park franchise, but YOU can show this Gentle Jumbo Dino some love by featuring them in your own home! This three foot tall friend has super soft teeth and big squishy feet, and it’s the perfect size to snuggle up on and lean against while watching Jurassic World III: Isla Cuddle Puddle (hey Spielberg, call me!) 

GUND 29” Jumbo Philbin Bear

Theoretically, a bear hug from a bear would probably be the best bear hug a person could get — but also, you should definitely leave real bears alone because despite their association with hugs, they typically prefer to contemplate the beauty of nature in solitude. Philbin, on the other hand, LOVES big bear hugs, is technically a vegetarian, and would absolutely welcome a friend for cuddles and contemplating. 

Drevnar The Dragon

Fierce, ferocious, and finely detailed, Drevnar is a feisty, fiery friend! His richly colored scales aren’t scaly at all — he’s super soft, has fuzzy, floppy wings, and comes with his own little background story to help inspire your own flights of fancy.

Care Bears Medium Plush - Grumpy Bear

Care Bear … glare? Grumpy Bear is here to remind us that it’s okay to not always feel at our best — if we did, our “best” would just be our “normal” — and that even when we’re feeling less than cheery, we’re still cared for by those we love!

Cubcoats Nell the Narwhal

Meet your new bestie, and soon-to-be favorite travel companion. Nell the Narwhal will always greet you with a smile, and if you get cold she’s got you covered, because she unzips into a fully functional, horn-adorned hoodie!

GUND Romeo 10” Puppy

They say it’s only puppy love, and after seeing this precious pooch, they must be right. This fluffy buddy would wear his heart on his sleeve — if he had sleeves — but he makes up for it with a game of fetch where he never lets go. 

Melissa & Doug Giant Zebra and Giant Elephant

It’s a jungle out there — but don’t worry, with these guys, you’ve always got a referee, and someone that’s all ears! Standing at around three feet tall, these big buddies are ready for a Safari adventure into the uncharted depths of the most wild of playrooms!  

JustPlay Peek-A-Boo Blue

This classic animated clue-finding super sleuth is 10 inches of plush, cuddly fun! Give Blue a hug, and she’ll raise her ears and bark! Now for the case of the missing puppy — Peek-a-boo, I see ... Blue!

Chubby Blob Seal Pillow

So round! Just SO impossibly round, but it’s not impossible because, look, there he is! Just LOOK at this guy! 


“Yis, hullo, I am a big bulbous boy.”

Gentle reader, I really can’t explain how amazing this chonky, spheroid seal is to me, but every time I look at this big blub, I become the Math Lady meme just trying to comprehend the sheer perfection of such an absurdly rotund creature. I need twenty.  

iScream Reversible Sequin Unicorn Pillow

Usually being two-faced is a bad thing , but not when your  face is made up of sparkling, reversible sequins! Get read to flip, and give this unicorn friend a new pastel-hued look. 

Wild Republic Hanging Three Toed Sloth

If you’re looking for a new pal to hang with, your search is over! Not only is this three-toed friend super soft and fuzzy, but his velcroed paws stick together so you can carry him around your neck, over your shoulder, or around your arms with ease. He’s always ready for some serious hang time, just maybe don’t invite your new sloth friend for a dance party. 

Winsterch Kids Cat Stuffed Animal

That face! That poise! Such form! An irresistible triangular-fluff like this would appeal to even the most hardline of dog people. To call this colossal cotton-ball of a creature fuzzy would be an understatement. With soft giant paws, this cat sits up perfectly, so if you’re looking for a lap cat that won’t bolt off with the zoomies, this is a purr-fect match.