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If Your Kid Loves LOL Surprise Dolls, They’ll Adore These Dolls and Surprise Toys

LOL Surprise! isn’t the only great surprise toy out there — check out these new favorites just waiting to be unboxed!

Megan Miles


LOL Surprise Dolls made their debut back in 2017, and ever since, children of all ages have been completely gaga for them. Demand for these surprise toys has stayed at a steady high, while finding them in stock has at times been ... somewhat challenging.

But a lot has changed since 2017, and while we’re not going to claim that the rapidly expanding world of surprise toys is the biggest thing to change in the last 7 years, it’s certainly great news for kids who love collectible toys full of surprises — and unique packaging! If your kid likes LOL Surprise Dolls, they’ll absolutely adore these surprise toy alternatives — here are some of our favorite new innovations in the surprise toy category.

Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts

And just like that, now you have a pet beauty salon. Do not take this awesome responsibility lightly. With Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts, pet grooming has never been so fun. Get ready to snip, clip, shave, and bathe, because the more you groom, the more they va-voom! There are surprise accessories hidden in each salon, and the only way to find out which puppy you’ll reveal ... is to get pampering! (Each kit includes 1 Mystery Puppy, 1 set of Clippers, 1 Nail Polish Bottle, 1 Comb, 1 Straightener, 1 Collar & Tag, 2 Hair Clips, 1 How To Guide, and 2 AAA Batteries.)

Purse Pets Glamicorn Unicorn Interactive Purse Pet

What’s a Glamicorn, you ask? You are — when you go out in style with this interactive unicorn purse pet with a glitter horn and a penchant for sass! She purrs, she blows you kisses, and she’s all you need to be ready for the next unicorn fashion show!

Cry Babies Magic Tears Pink Edition

If pink is your favorite color, this surprise toy is your personal bundle of joy. Open the magic tear-shaped case to reveal a lovable pink-colored cry baby, equipped with a matching onesie, bottle, pacifier, chair, and blanket. Fill their magic bottle with water, pinch their tummy, and watch them cry pink tears. The Cry Babies Magic Tears surprise toy is so adorable, you might shed a few tears yourself. (Of happiness, that is.)

My Squishy Little Dumplings

It is physically impossible to hold one of these adorable cuties and not immediately squish their little cheeks. And that’s just where the fun begins! Pop out their lovable personalities with just one squeeze of the cheeks, and look for the light on top of their head (with 50 different possible reactions) to gauge their mood for the day. You can learn their Squish Pop language to enjoy playful conversations together, style their outfits, have a tickle fight, toss them around, and (as we mentioned) squish those cute cheeks! These delightful palm-sized friends love to play, and they’ll melt your heart with their cute sounds and light up signals. 

Spin Master Hatchimals Pixies Purple Crystal Flyers

Look, Tinkerbell is great and all, but Spin Master Hatchimals Pixie Purple Crystal Flyers take fairytale magic to a whole new level. Free your very own grown-up Pixie from her sparkling crystal egg, and charge her energy with the included USB cable. Once she’s fully charged, watch her spread her wings and literally FLY! Her built-in sensor knows where your hands are located during indoor flight, so you can control her movements with your hands! Is it possible that some of her Pixie magic has rubbed off on you? 

Present Pets Minis

Meet your new furry four-legged best friend with the Present Pets Mini 3” Surprise Collectible Plush Toy. Patiently waiting inside is a cuddly new friend equipped with a stylish collar and adoption certificate who will love you instantly. Make them feel right at home by decorating their doghouse with the included stickers. You’ll paws-itively love your new Present Pets Mini.

Baby Alive BABY GROWS UP! Happy

This baby grows up … literally! Baby alive grows four whole inches from a newborn to a toddler to a big girl. All you have to do is look after her, make sure she’s kitted out with all her themed accessories, and occasionally mutter to yourself under your breath, “They grow up so fast!”

The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys

Meet your new best friends — the incredible orangutans of the ocean; the apes of the Atlantic; the primates of the Pacific. That’s right, it’s the amazing sea monkeys! Don’t EVER call them shrimps.