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Superlative Gifts for 10 Year Olds

Get your newly-big kid what they really want. Other than a phone, of course.

Erica Silverstein · 17 days ago


Ten-year-olds rule the elementary school. They’ve got personality to the 10th degree, and generic gifts no longer make the grade. Pick your presents to match your fifth grader’s superlative strengths, and you’ll be named Most Likely To Receive a Glowing Thank You Note.

Most Likely to MacGuyver a Space Ship From the Recycling Bin: 4M Tin Can Robot

The young engineer on your gift list has grown up on Snap Circuits and Legos. Now they can unleash more of their technical creativity by building a robot out of a soda can and the 4M Tin Can Robot kit. When the robot revolution occurs, you know who their human overlord will be.

Best Pouty Face: Glossy Pops TGI Fruity Watermelon Lip Gloss

Modern kids have grown up with the paparazzi (and mamarazzi) always sticking cameras in their faces. Keep lips hydrated and selfie-ready with this fruity watermelon lip gloss. Bonus points for the cute container with watermelon charm that will be the envy of all the kids on the playground.

Most Ruthless Maniacal Laugh: Disney Villainous Strategy Card Game

When you’re 10, Mickey Mouse and Disney princesses are sooo baby-ish. But villains? They’re edgy and cool. The epic battle between Captain Hook and the Queen of Hearts will captivate all the late-night strategists at the slumber party.

Most Likely to Start an Electronica Band: Skoogmusic Skoog 2.0 Tactile Musical Interface

After the Fifth Grade band concert, you might be considering alternative musical outlets for the 10 year old in your life. The Skoogmusic Tactile Musical Interface lets budding EDM stars express themselves with the intersection of sound and technology. Plus, more time with the iPad is on every kid’s wish list.

Most Energetic: OMG Pop Fidgety Rocket

Looking for a stocking stuffer or little sumthin’ for the 10 year old who never sits still? Throw an OMG Pop Fidgety popping toy their way. It’s better than bubble wrap and will keep active hands occupied during long car rides or dinners at grownup restaurants.

Most Likely to Become the Next Coco Chanel: Ann Williams Craft-tastic Learn to Sew Kit

A step up from friendship bracelets and a few steps down from creating a fashion line for middle schoolers, this learn-to-sew kit is the ideal gift for budding textile creators. The next star of Paris Fashion Week will be able to credit you for their humble start, making felt donuts and bunny-eared pouches for their fifth-grade friends.

Most Likely to Hack Into The Kremlin: Super Impulse Tiny Arcade Tetris

Ten year olds wish they could play video games day and night. With tiny Tetris, they can take their gaming obsession everywhere they go. Package the gift with noise-canceling headphones for mom and dad before the nonstop melodies of the game’s iconic music begins to haunt their dreams.

Most Likely to Achieve Nirvana: eeBoo Triangle Pattern 500 Piece Puzzle

Patience. Mindfulness. Ability to see the forest for the trees. These words don’t describe most kids, but if your 10-year-old is particularly Zen, or likes a colorful challenge, this 500-piece puzzle gives adult coloring books a run for their money.

Most Likely to Travel the World in a Van: Gift Republic Tie Dye DIY Kit

All the YouTube and Instagram fans know that tie dye has made a comeback. Let your 10 year old create their own groovy wardrobe, no matter how much mess it makes. (Dave Matthews Band CD not included.)

Most Likely to Be a TikTok Star: Studio Creator Video Maker Kit

From unboxing toys to creating the next viral TikTok dance, any 10 year old can be a video star with semi-professional studio gear like ring lights and green screen backdrops. Alas, the smart phone is not included, so gift and run before those negotiations start.

Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize: Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Science Kit

At 10, your brilliant kid can build Rube-Goldberg machines with the Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions kit, giving their brain an extreme workout. At 22, they’ll graduate from MIT, and at 50, they'll win the Nobel Prize for their amazing scientific discoveries. And you can take the credit for starting it all with one simple gift.

Most Likely to Become the Last Comic Standing: Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

Your pre-teen jokester and all their friends can bring the house of cards down when they compete to have the funniest response in the family-friendly version of the popular R-rated game. Pair with a box of tissues for when they laugh so hard they start crying. Or snorting.

Most Likely to Live in the Moment: Polaroid i-Type Camera Blue

If your favorite 10-year-old is denied an iPhone, they can still capture the antics of friends and families with the Polaroid i-Type Camera. Let them rock that retro-chic camera stylin’ while handing out instant prints of all that fifth-grade fun.

Most Likely to Accessorize: STMT D.I.Y. Hand Stamped Jewelry

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a jewelry-making kit. Kids can stamp inside jokes and their friends’ names on metal charms to create personalized gifts for their besties. Plus, whaling on a hard surface with a mallet is a satisfying pursuit after a rough day at school.

Most Likely to Win an Oscar for Special Effects: Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit

Young Paduans can learn the powers of JavaScript while engaging in light saber battles and creating stories with BB-8 and Baby Yoda. Soon your 10 year year old will be waving their hands and pulling a Jedi Mind Trick on Mom to convince her that more screen time is a must. 

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