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The Best Gifts for 4-Year-Olds

Give presents that inspire and keep them busy.

Deena Campbell and Sarah Burns

4 Year Old Gift Guide

As much as you love the idea of gifting your 4 year-old one or two large presents and calling it a magical holiday, the reality is, you’re going to buy several gifts. Correction: tons of gifts. There’s truly something special about watching a 4 year-old’s eyes light up upon opening a gift they love. The problem is, figuring out what exactly they love. 

The good news is we crafted a list of goodies for every four year-old in your life, including your neighbor’s kid who practically lives at your house, your godson, and your coworker’s daughter who you’ve known since she was born.

Munipals R Train Broadway Local

The New York subway is a place where anything is possible. Let your kiddo’s imagination take them to new places with a replica of the New York City R train. Its sturdy wood construction stands up to all kinds of track delays, and kids can pretend they are actually in New York City, without the smells, the street dancers, and having to “stancleardaclowsindoorspleeze.”

Great Pretenders Pretty Pink Dress

Your little one probably doesn’t need to “pretend” to be the prettiest princess in the whole wide world, but this beautiful pink sparkle tulle dress with a tiara will DEFINITELY help!

KidKraft Pirate’s Cove Play Set

Four levels of eyepatch-wearing, skull-flag-waving, pegleg-stomping, sword-flashing, argggggh! — plus a ship, cannons with sound effects, and tons of scallywags to play with. This is the toy to save for last on Christmas to make their jaws drop!

My First Flybar

Toys that can get kids moving and grow with them are few and far between.It’s a starter pogo-stick that can hold up to 250 lbs, and the better the jump, the higher you go. So before they start bouncing off the walls, get a Flybar! It’s perfect for burning off energy indoors, and will be the first thing they grab when heading outside to play on a sunny day.

CAMP x Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe

This is the scooter that's poised to take over the world — combining Micro's luxury-car-like precision steering with CAMP's awesome tiger designs for a sidewalk-slaying ride that you won't find anywhere else. Your preschooler ain't scooting unless they're scooting on this baby.

Kid Made Modern Gem Jackpot Crayons Set of 12

When giving presents to 4-year-olds, always remember that anything big and colorful is an instant win. This set of 12 chunky, easy to hold gemstones will be the jewels of your art supply collection for hours of coloring fun – and it beats broken crayons all over the floor. 

Little Mashers Chalkboard Unicorn T-Shirt

Use chalk to give this cute little unicorn their very own personality and style! Then sign your name to it so everyone will know who the artist is. This super-cool chalkboard T-shirt can be wiped off and drawn on again and again!

Magna-Tiles Freestyle

You know them, you love them, they’re among the world’s best building toys...and now kid-favorite Magna Tiles come in cool clear color sets for even more imaginative, creative free play. This multi-hued 40-piece set comes with new X-shaped pieces, and nine free-moving magnets to build in any direction, layer, and overlap endless building possibilities!

Great Pretenders Colour-A-Cape Fairy

Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a wand over all the adult things in your life and turn them into something magical? Yeah, we feel you. For us grownups that might be too good to be true, but you can let the little one in your life release major magical energy with this kit that lets them design and color their own fairy cape. Includes fabric markers for hours of coloring fun, and it’s machine washable! Take it anywhere, and toss it in the wash, fresh for another day of fairy magic.  

Bluey Family Home Playset

You might not know about Bluey, but we guarantee your four-year-old does. Bluey is a hit children's television series about a Blue Heeler puppy who is no stranger to adventure and unpredictable situations. Bring the show to life with this enormous toy playset that lets kids create their own adventures.

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