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The Best Puzzle Gifts For Every Age

The humble jigsaw puzzle can be the surprise winner on your gift list this year.

Erica Silverstein


The humble jigsaw puzzle can be the surprise winner on your gift list this year. Puzzles fill up those long winter days and nights, can be solved solo or together as a family, and keep your brain sharp and your nerves calm. Check out these top puzzles for everyone from preschoolers to Ph.D.s.

Puzzle Gifts For Ages 3+

Wooden Alphabet Puzzle

Baby’s first puzzle should be a colorful wooden alphabet puzzle with adorable pictures behind each letter. If you’re pushing that super-early admission to Harvard, change out the icon sheets for words and pictures in French, German, and Italian for some early cramming.

Mermaid Friends Floor Puzzle

Floor puzzles with large pieces are perfect for preschooler hands to manipulate. This 24-piece mermaid puzzle makes a great gift for sea-loving kids.

Safari Looong Puzzle

Preschoolers will adore the colorful safari animals on this extra-long 40-piece puzzle. Their parents will dig the extra-long time their kids stay quiet putting all the pieces together.

Camping Outdoors Jumbo Puzzle

Relive summer fun this winter with this 48-piece puzzle depicting a happening campsite. Props go to the artist for diverse characters, a camp store that sells fresh French baguettes, and daytime marshmallow roasting.

Construction Site Floor Puzzle

Animals driving construction vehicles? It’s a preschooler’s dream come true! Now available in floor puzzle form.

Seek-And-Find Space Puzzle

Junior astronauts get two games in one with this space-themed puzzle. After they fit together all 60 pieces, the kids — and their adult helpers — can search for all the pictures on the border pieces that are hidden within the main planet-filled puzzle.

Musical Crossroads Puzzle

If you’re looking for racial diversity in your gift giving and have little kids on your list, the Musical Crossroads Puzzle is a must-buy. The scene depicts kids of all ethnic backgrounds jammin’ out together in a band, and the 72 pieces are just the right number for older preschool- or kindergarten-age children to handle.

MudPuppy 100-Piece Space Glow Puzzle

For beginner puzzlers age 5 and up who are ready to take their skills up a notch (and maybe all the way up into space!), this 100-piece puzzle has a special surprise reward in store: Assemble the pieces to form the cool space-themed picture, and turn out the lights to see it glow in the dark!

Puzzle Gifts for Ages 8+

All Are Welcome Here Puzzle

Celebrate diversity this holiday season with an inclusive puzzle depicting people of all ages, races, and orientations spreading love and kindness across 1,000 pieces.

Hot Dogs Puzzle

The perfect present for pandemic pet purchasing puzzlers is this 1,000-piece Hot Dogs puzzle depicting dog breeds from A to Z. Once it’s finished, it makes an excellent quick reference for when you’re binge watching the Westminster Dog Show.

Areaware Little Puzzle Thing: Strawberry Scoop

No time for a whole pint? A single scoop is the perfect serving when you’re in the mood for a sweet little puzzle session. Just the right size for a mid-day treat, so dig in and take a quick screen break during your busy day.

Your World Puzzle

Older animal lovers will enjoy this 1,000-piece puzzle featuring a world map and pictures of the animals that live on each continent. The geometric art gives the puzzle a unique look that will appeal to the whole family.

Lego Minifigures 1000 Piece Puzzle

When it comes to construction, Legos and puzzles are almost cut from the same cloth – or in this case, the same durable cardstock. It’s a challenge for sure, but it’s the perfect puzzle for groups and families! Decide which minifig everyone is before building, and see how long it takes everyone to construct their own – I call dibs on Watermelon-Head!

Zodiac Glow In The Dark Puzzle

This 1,000-piece puzzle will bring the family together as they piece together constellations facing in all directions (so no one is working upside down). Once the puzzle is complete, turn off the lights and watch the starry pictures glow in the dark.

Ravensburger XL Solar System Puzzle

Take a stunningly trip to the cosmos without leaving the comfort of your own home. This gorgeously rendered Ravensburger offering is as well made as it is beautiful, so you can go see the wonders of the solar system anytime!

Puzzle Gifts for Ages 12 +

Gradient Puzzle

Expert puzzlers will need a Zen approach when putting together this standing puzzle — the only design is a gradient color spectrum from yellow to green. Areaware’s gradient puzzles also come in blue/pink and blue/green.

Empire State Building Puzzle

Don’t let the mere 216 pieces fool you. This puzzle mini-replica of the Empire State Building is the gift that keeps on giving; your entire family might need days to build it. Start spreading the news that you’re going to need some help.

Women March! Puzzle

The feminists on your list will enjoy this 500-piece circular puzzle commemorating the 2017 women’s march on Washington, D.C. Comes complete with a Gloria Steinem quote along the border.

eeBoo Viva la Vida 1000-Piece Puzzle

Some puzzles are fun to piece together, but not aren’t so much a work of art when they’re finished. This gorgeously illustrated homage to Mexican artist Frida Khalo isn’t just frame worthy, it’s a beautifully rendered tribute featuring pivotal moments from the artist's life, and popular themes from her iconic work. Truly a unique gift for puzzle collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Jonathan Adler Rainbow Hand 750 Piece Shaped Puzzle

You really gotta hand it to renowned artist and interior designer Jonathan Adler’s impressive puzzle offering. Luxe and colorful is Adler’s signature style, and this unique shape, decked in foiled pieces delivers a delightful puzzling experience. Even the box is display worthy, ideal for those that appreciate functional decor.