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The Definitive Guide To Choosing Your Care Bears Counterpart

Just like you, there’s more to the Care Bears than what you see on the surface!

Matt Harvey

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The Care Bears have been around since the ‘80s — outlasting the Pound Puppies, Popples, and The Glo Friends— and they’re back to spread love with the power of their Care Bear Stare. You might recognize the patches on their Care Bear bellies, but just like you, there’s more to them than what you see on the surface! Every Care Bear has a unique personality, and we’re here to help you choose your perfect counterpart!

Tenderheart Bear


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Tenderheart Bear is the general manager of the Care Bears crew. He’s in charge of new hire orientation, and he’s excellent at keeping the squad inspired to help others. Tenderheart is a perfect match for folks who are born leaders that love to achieve their mission and serve the ones they love.

Funshine Bear


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Funshine Bear is the happy ray of sunshine that hates to be alone or cooped up. He’s a practical joker that loves to play games and sports. Funshine is the perfect match for those fun-loving folks that bring life to any party and invite others into their joy — they aren’t here for a long time, but they’re here for a good time.

Good Luck Bear


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Good Luck Bear has mastered the secret art of positive manifestation! GLB doesn’t accept that bad luck as a thing, and hence, never has bad luck. He’s the friend that will boost your confidence and drive you towards accomplishing your goals. Good Luck Bear is the perfect match for the visionaries that see the world for what it could be and take ownership of their role in creating it.

Grumpy Bear


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Grumpy Bear gets a bad rap for his matter-of-fact, unfiltered outlook. He’s the straight-shooting friend that understands how things really work and is not afraid to tell you how it is. Grumpy Bear is the perfect match for the well-grounded soul that knows the value of honesty and the importance of balance.

Share Bear


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Share Bear is the most selfless of all of the Care Bears, period. He loves to share everything: food, feelings, moments … everything! Share Bear is the perfect match for those who will do anything for their friends and family — the considerate, kind hearts that understand the value of community and the importance of showing up.

Cheer Bear


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Cheer Bear is the happiest, most cheerful Care Bear there is! She loves to make others happy and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Cheer Bear is the perfect match for those high-energy folks that live for lifting the spirits of others.