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The Greatest Gifts for 7 Year Olds

It’s all exciting when you’re seven — and that takes off some of the present-buying pressure.

Josey Miller · 19 days ago


Many seven-year-olds are really into a topic — like space or unicorns or dinosaurs or magic. Like, reeeeally into it… really really. Grab a gift in their favorite deep-dive category? You’re golden. But good news: Seven-year-olds are also generally pretty pumped about, well, everything. So it’s hard to mess up when picking a present—especially if you go with giggle-inducing gifts like these.

Grow Alien

Educational gifts are great and all, but won’t your kid be over-the-moon for one that just… isn’t? Okay! So that begs the follow-up question: What do you get for the space-lover who has everything (read: every puzzle, helmet, telescope, projector, book)? An alien, of course! Submerge the egg in cool water, then watch as your extraterrestrial comes out of his/her shell over the next few days.

Hog Wild White Unicorn Popper

Unicorns, yay! Rainbows, yay! Unicorns AND rainbows?? We’re not blowing smoke! This horned horse shoots foam balls as far as 20 feet. And it’s sure to be your seven-year-old’s new main squeeze.

Kinetic Sand Dino Dig Playset

Calling all archeologists! Paleontologists! Beach babes! If your seven-year-old has a T-rex-sized appetite for Jurassic-themed fun, this kit allows for all sorts of discovery. Ya’ dig it? (That said, parents, beware: Anyone who tells you kinetic sand is entirely mess-free? Is a little bit lying.)

LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase

No templates, no instructions, no limitations. Just a LEGO lover’s free rein. The 200+ pieces in this set come in a very official-looking hard suitcase because everyone knows brick-laying is serious business.

Klutz Jr. My Simple Sewing

This sewing kit includes a book filled with sew many ideas. Plus, the pre-cut and pre-punched felt patterns — a pizza pouch, cookie keychain, and a cupcake plush toy — make the projects sew deliciously simple! Sewing may be a useful life skill for anyone who, well, wears shirts. But sew what? When it comes down to it, it’s just sew fun.

Open the Joy Magic Kit

Presents from people you love are always magical, but they’re especially magical when the gift is — drum roll please — a magic set. If your child is interested in abracadabbling in hocus-pocusry, there’s really no trick to finding the perfect gift. Just wave a wand and POOF! This is it. Your budding magician will be so im-presto.

Squigz Building Set

This suction cup building set totally sucks, but in a good way. You could call them blocks? We guess? But they’re as bendy as a Cirque du Soleil contortionist, allowing for countless possibilities. (You’re not even limited to creating from the bottom up, since they stick to smooth surfaces.) Creators, assemble!

Modern Sprout Pizza Garden Seed Ball Kit

Don’t you know pizza doesn’t grow on trees? But it does grow on seed balls, or at least, its ingredients do. This mini kid-friendly pizza garden kit comes with seeds for ingredients like tomatoes, basil, arugula, and oregano. And it’s sure to be a hit no matter how you slice it.

Tulip Rainbow 5-Color Tie-Dye Kit

Tie-dye day at camp is a total fan favorite, but why wait? Let’s twist again like we did last summer… right now! The arts and crafts cabin can be open year-round with five bright colors and easy-squeezy bottles. And think outside the t-shirt: pillowcases, socks, headbands… they’re all dying to be dyed, too. Rubber bands are included, but a jam band playlist isn’t.

Pokemon Pikachu Sun-staches

Do your kids want their Pokemon obsession to be totally glaringly obvious? Let’s face it: They’ll shine in these “sunstaches.” A little bit Pikachu, a little bit rock n’ roll, they’re like a reverse holo ultra-rare GX card… but better! (Probably?)

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