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The Hape All-in-One Easel: A Kid’s Review

Take it from this kid: The Hape All-in-One Easel will bring your child's art to the next level.

Jack Shepherd


The award-winning Hape All-in-One Easel is a double-sided easel with a blackboard, a magnetic whiteboard, and a paper roll that’s a perfect accessory for any junior artist. But don’t take it from me, a non-junior, non-artist. In order to effectively review this product, we brought in a professional 4-year-old creator — who specializes in a dynamic brand of one-of-a-kind alien-monster illustrations — to test it out and provide feedback. Here’s how that went. 

We began by assembling the product. 


Despite his keen artistic sensibilities, our art professional had never encountered the concept of an easel before, and insisted on calling this product “The Weasel.” Assembly was straightforward and without incident, excepting this confusing exchange between the artist and his assistant. 

“Can I play with the Weasel?” 

It's an Easel.

“What kind of Weasel is this?”

It's for painting. 

“I want to wear it when I'm done painting.” 

We're going to do art on it. 

“I want to try it on.”


Because of their keen sense of the world and vivid imaginations, artists can be quite difficult to work with. I was aware of this going into the project, so I didn’t consider the conversation to be a meaningful setback. And the Weasel looked beautiful. It’s height-adjustable, it comes with three pots for paint, and it can be used in a bunch of different ways, depending on whether you’re painting or drawing on the paper roll; making art or using magnets on the magnetic whiteboard; or drawing with chalk on the chalkboard.

Once we set it up, I turned it to the chalkboard side, and let the young visionary begin to make his mark upon the canvas. 


Here is the Artist’s Statement regarding the first piece he created with his Hape All-in-One Easel. 

  • This is an alien monster. It's as scary as I am. It eats grubs and people. This one is called DAKACKO. He is friendly.

Once his creative juices were flowing, our virtuoso artiste felt an insatiable urge to bring more art into the world. In quick succession, he generated two more chalk pieces, each more dazzling than the last. 


Here is the Artist’s Statement regarding the second piece he created with his Hape All-in-One Easel.

  • This is a different alien monster. This one is falling down from the sky on top of the other alien monsters. The new one is named DAKAYO! HE IS BACK. He says, "THE NEXT ONE IS COMING." 


The artist described the meaning and symbolism of his final chalk piece to me in an interview. 

  • What is this piece about?

    “It’s another alien monster.”

    What can you tell me about it?

    “His name is DAKAINAMO. Don't listen to him.” 

    What does he want?

    “He wants ... THE MOON.”

There followed an erasing incident, which required the artist’s assistant to create a final chalk piece based on the artist’s instructions.


Here is the Artist’s Statement regarding the piece his assistant created with his Hape All-in-One Easel based on the artist’s instructions.

  • His name is DAKUMBO. He eats humans. But he is nice.

To finish up our long day in the studio, we turned the Hape All-in-One Easel around and worked with some markers on the paper roll to generate one last masterpiece.


Here is the Artist’s Statement regarding the fourth piece he created with his Hape All-in-One Easel. 

  • There are three alien monsters. They are called Chicken, Dekken, and Bowen. They live in a spaceship together. They are roommates. They eat fish. ... And people. They are from planet ... Earth. 

Scary stuff. What follows is an interview with the artist about his process and his experience with the Hape All-in-One Easel.


  • Are you an artist?

    “Yes. I am an artist named Tadpole.”

    What do you hope to achieve with your art?

    “I want them to see that I am a great artist.”

    What do you want people to learn from your art?

    “I want to put my backpack on.”

At this point, the artist paused the interview to put his backpack on.


  • What is your favorite thing to draw?

    “Alien monsters and spaceships.”

    What inspires you?


    Did you enjoy that?

    “Yeah! I hope we get to build another Weasel.”

    What’s your favorite thing about the Hape All-in-One Easel?

    “My favorite thing about the Weasel is I like the drawings of the alien monsters. Next week, I am going to draw ... more alien monsters.”

At this point the artist ended the interview to have his snack. It was crackers.