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These 23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Are the Way to Every Kid’s Heart

Ditch the flowers and mushy cards — these are the Valentine's Day gifts that kids REALLY love!

Megan Baldwin and Sarah Burns

Heart Sunglasses


All you need is love, but Valentine’s Day gives us all a reason to go the extra mile to celebrate the ones we love most. Mushy cards, red roses, super-fancy chocolates? Love that ... for the grown-ups in your life. This year, spare your kid the lovey-dovey stuff and opt for some family fun with things they actually want. From the bears that care to cuddle-worthy thermals to DIY kits that will keep your activity-loving kids busy, we've compiled 23 lovable gifts for the littlest Valentines in your love life. 

1. Care Bears Cheer Bear

For the Kid Who Loves a Cuddle Buddy: The Care Bears know a thing or two about that sweet caring life. With the new Care Bears Cheer Bear Medium Plush, anyone can celebrate V-Day one Care Bear stare at a time.

2. Fashion Angels 1000 Ridiculously Cute Sticker Book

Fashion Angels Ridiculously Cute Stickers Book

Fashion Angels

For the Kid Who Gives You Heart Eye Emojis: Say it with stickers! With 1,000 ridiculously cute ones to choose from, they’ll always have the perfect pictorial representation to express how they feel. 

3. CAMP Cozy Camp Thermal Tee

CAMP Thermal Tee


For the Kid Who Loves to Snuggle: This organic cotton, long sleeve tee says it better than anything else. Featuring a special-edition fireplace design, this cozy waffle thermal is basically the closest you can get to wearing a hug.

4. Fashion Angels Crystal Clear Necklace Design Kit

Fashion Angels Crystal Clear Resin Necklaces

Fashion Angels

For the Kid Who Wears Their Heart on Their Sleeve: This jewelry-making kit is filled with beads, confetti, glitter, cords, chains, and a crystal-clear resin to make only the finest tokens of affection. 

5. Gift Republic Foodominoes

Gift Republic Foodominoes

Gift Republic

For the Kid Who Just Wants Candy: A twist on an old classic is a sweet way for young children to have fun and rediscover a game the whole family can play.

6. Tegu Hummingbird Set



For the Kid Who Loves Quiet Time: This beautifully tinted wooden block set has strategically placed magnets inside, so you can build and tinker your heart out.

7. Toniebox and Tonies figurines



For the Kid Who Deserves Their Own Love Story: The TonieBox is an interactive kid-friendly smart speaker – use it to personalize and record a special Valentine’s Day message or fairytale story for your kiddo.

8. Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Supply Library


Kid Made Modern

For the Craft-Loving Kid: Make a set of Valentine's Day cards that really pop, with this craft library kit! Chock full of pipe cleaners, sequins, gems, embellishments, doohickies, and thingamabobs, this is an essential collection for all kinds of crafts – perfect for creating unique handmade Valentine’s cards to pop in the mailbox.

9. Selfie Clothing Unicorn Color In Cape

Selfie Clothing Co Color In Unicorn Cape

Selfie Clothing Co

For the Kid Who Loves to Color (on Everything!): Make it yourselfie with this super-sweet cape set — the blank canvas cape transforms with a magic marker makeover. 

10. Nailmatic Kids Princess Story Nail Polish/Lip Gloss Gift Set



For the Kid Who Loves to Sparkle: Let your Valentine know you think they’re royalty with a castle to call their own! Tucked away in the palace are two kid-friendly, water-based nail polishes, and a fruity raspberry lip balm – because you can’t lead a kingdom with chapped lips.

11. Kid Made Modern Studio in a Box

Kid Made Modern Studio in a Box V2: 0

For the Mini Maker: Kids can craft their hearts out with this kit that contains something for every creative whim. Inside you’ll find everything kids need to sketch, paint, and color. Plus, everything stores away neatly inside the box, so they can bring their studio wherever they go. 

12. Crazy Aaron's Mixed By Me Holographic Putty Kit

Crazy Aaron's Mixed By Me Holographic Putty Kit

Crazy Aaron's

For a Majorly Mushy Kid: Roses are red, violets are blue, this putty is unique, because it's been mixed by you!

13. Etch-a-Sketch Classic



For the Classic Romantic: Write a special love note, XO from your Etch A Sketch! The perfect, classic tool to create a magical (possibly illegible) Valentine’s Day message that will last forever (or until someone shakes it).

14. Cry Babies Magic Tears

Cry Babies Magic Tears

Cry Babies

For the Natural Nurturer: Caring kids will love looking after a magical baby to call their own. Everything this pink-hued tot needs comes tucked away inside its rosy, tear-shaped house. These are magical crying babies, of course, so contrary to conventional childcare, kids can feed them, give their tummies a squeeze, and watch them cry pink tears!

15. Unicorn Pastel In-N-Out Handbag

Bari H21 Unicorn Pastel In N Out Handbag

Bari Lynn

For the Fidgeter on the Go: Yo Valentine, Bari Lynn heard you like fidgets, so they made you a fidget you can fidget with while you’re carrying all your fidgets! 

16. Bunk Buddies Plushies

CAMP BunkBuddies 01

For the Kid Who Loves Making New Friends: Valentine’s Day may come and go, but Bunk Buddies are forever! Plushie pals Scout and Hazel are always up for adventure. Whether kids are on an expedition into the unknown, or cuddling up for spooky campfire stories, the Bunk Buddies are part of their pack, and they’ll always have your back. 

17. Hot Wheels Color Reveal Blind Box

Hot Wheels Color Reveal

Hot Wheels

For the Kid Who Can’t Make Up Their Mind: Decisions, decisions! Fortunately each Hot Wheels Color Reveal comes with two different styles of cars, so there’s no need to choose. Kids can dunk them in cold water to discover their true colors, before hitting the road for hot water to reveal a whole color scheme!

18. Bari Lynn 3D Shape Cupcake Handbag

Bari Lynn Cupcake Bag

Bari Lynn

For the Cupcake Devouring Kid: Having a cupcake every day is an indulgence some kids (and adults) dream about. Help them live the dream without all that sugar – unless they use the bag to carry actual cupcakes, which really just makes a great thing even better.

19. Alphabet Tiles Message Bracelet Kit

Alphabet Tiles Message Bracelet Kit

Fashion Angels

For the Kid Who Has Something to Say: Forget texting — this is a much more fashionable way to get a message across. Encourage kiddos to say just what they mean with 400 beads to design, decorate, and share with BFFs.

20. Bari Lynn Gal Heart Backpack in Hot Pink

Bari Lynn Gal Heart Backpack in Hot Pink

Bari Lynn

For the Coolest Kid in School: Deep pockets, storage for a tablet or laptop, and plenty of room to store whatever the day throws your way. This backpack is simply the whole package: organization, fashion, and hot pink, metallic hearts! 

21. My Squishy Little Dumplings

My Squishy Little Dumplings


For the Caring Kid: "My Squishy Little Dumplings" kinda sounds like something Grandma might call you and your siblings, but they’re actually palm-sized pals with cheeky personalities ... also not unlike Grandma. They might be tiny, but they’re full of emotions! Pay attention to what makes them light up, and you might just master their language, and become the leading expert in the native dumpling dialect of Pop Squish.

22. Bari Lynn Headbands

Tie Dye Knot Headband

Bary Lynn

For the Effortlessly Fashionable Kid: They don’t care about trends, or what everyone else thinks is cool, and that just makes them even cooler. Always stylish, but never fussy, these are the perfect chic treats to add a little bling to the everyday.

23. Candy Club Candies

Cosmic Sours

Candy Club

For the Kid Who's Actually an Oompa Loompa in Disguise: Sweet tooths rejoice! Candy Club’s line of tempting sweets are so deliciously whimsical, even Mr. Wonka himself doesn’t know how they do it. 

Updated January 2022

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