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Camp’s Top Toys of the Week for March 22nd

Here at Camp, we're pretty focused on fun. Our team is always looking for unique finds, hot trends, and the very best toys and new stuff for families. That's why we're sharing some of the new toys we're most excited about — and we hope you like them too.

Graham Steinberg · 7 months ago

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Heeral Chhibber / Camp

April Fools’ Day is just around the corner, and things have been super serious for the past year, so all the Counselors at Camp decided that it’s TIME TO GET SILLY! These top toys will make you laugh, make you sing, and most importantly, they’ll make you fart!

1. What Do You Meme? Family Edition

what do you meme family 0162 Resized 1080x

What Do you Meme?

It’s time to teach Mom and Dad about the internet’s most hilarious memes. All your favorites from “This Is Fine” to Gavin Reactions are included but with that boring R-rated content removed for a family-friendly game night.

2. Ponycycle



Grab your Stetson and tell your friends that the backyard ain't big enough for the two of you! The Ponycycle is one of Camp’s most popular toys and for a good reason. Just get on and start bouncing! Ponycycle will do the rest of the work for you as you corral your way around the neighborhood!

3. Funwares Nachosaurus Snack & Dip Bowl Set


Barbuzzo & Funwares

The Nachosaurus is a fascinating species from the Tacozoic Period that was distinctive for the crunchy, salty, and edible plates on its back which it gave to its dinosaur friends so they wouldn’t eat him. It was a herbivore but also fed on rockamole. This replica of the species will be perfect for your next dinner party and teach you a little something too.

4. Singing Machine Carpool Karaoke Mic

CPK545 11

Singing Machine

James Corden accidentally started a sensation five years ago when he drove around Los Angeles with Mariah Carey singing along to songs in his car. Now you can take what spawned an entire TV show and be part of it from your car with this Carpool Karaoke mic! Just tune your mic to a local FM station, and you can belt out all your favorite tunes while you’re stuck in traffic.

5. Farts in the Wild


Chronicle Books

If you thought we were done with bodily functions in this article, you were sorely mistaken. Let’s dive into some essential flatulence-based literature with this informative guide of the smelliest farts in the animal kingdom. Listen as you go along and learn all the vital statistics from odor to range and frequency.

6. Schylling Pin Prints



Oh man, this one’s a classic! Who didn’t love sticking their faces and hands into Pin Prints as a kid? There’s something so soothing about feeling those plastic pins form to your skin. Let’s call it therapeutic nostalgia.

7. Gift Republic Fart Sound Box

If you’re looking for something a bit more refined, this Fart Sound Box is the way to go. Almost every type of fart is at your disposal with a variety of speeds, volumes, and of course, wetness. Never fear again if you’re having trouble making a toot. We’re here to help.

8. Burrito Blanket

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The Original Burrito Blanket

Let me paint a picture for you: you’re snuggled up on the couch, and there’s a chill in the air. You think to yourself, “man, a warm carnitas burrito would do me some good.” So you hop over to the fridge, and what do you see inside? Some lentils. Gross. Well, now, you can become that carnitas burrito instead. That’s got to be worth something, right?

9. Kids Against Maturity



And now for round two of the adult-turned-family game night! Kids Against Maturity is perfect for the never-growing-up Peter Pan-types in all our lives by bridging the gap between Apples 2 Apples (for babies!) and Cards Against Humanity (a bit too R-rated). There’s more poop in this than a stadium bathroom, and you will be laughing yourself out of your chair, guaranteed.

10. Gymnic Hop 55

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Nobody wants to do cardio at the gym! Do a workout that’s actually fun just by hopping around your living room on this classic bouncer. Never miss leg day again!

11. Funwares TP Hoarding Puzzle

Remember the good old days at the beginning of quarantine when we all thought that society was about to break down and toilet paper was going to be the new form of currency? Well, now we can revisit those fun times with this maybe-too-soon 1,000-piece puzzle!

12. Fred Food Face Plate



Who says you can’t play with your food!?! If you’re not in the mood to eat that broccoli, why not turn it into green hair? Tired of the peas? Make them into a hat! The possibilities are endless! And if Mom or Dad asks why you’re not eating your vegetables, tell them you're practicing for art class!

13. Telestrations

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Imagine if the telephone game and Pictionary had a baby, and you’d pretty much have Telestrations. Start with a word, draw it out, and pass it along to the next person for their take on it. Some of your masterpieces might make it to the fridge, but more will likely end up in the trash. But that’s okay because you’ll be too busy laughing to care!

14. Mad Libs: The Game

Turn your favorite book from your childhood into your family’s next favorite board game with this new take on Mad Libs. Use word cards to complete sentences in the funniest way possible to win the round. This game is as collaborative as it is hilarious!

15. Llamanoes

llamanoes 740x

Chronicle Books

If you’re a fan of dominoes, but you’re upset about the lack of llamas in the game, then Llamones is perfect for you! Match heads and tails of some of the world’s most famous llamas like Llama-nardo da Vinci and Super Llama in one of the world’s most niche games.

16. Discovery Plasma Globe

Become the mad scientist you were destined to be with this ball of PURE ELECTRICITY! Simply touch it at any point and create an interactive light show that will dazzle your friends and family.

17. The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys

Do your parents not trust that your "responsible enough" to have a dog yet? Well prove to them that you are by bringing these microbes to life! (It's all the same principles). These amazing little creatures are the world's only instant pet and, just like oatmeal, all you need to add is water to get them swimming!

18. Thames & Kosmos Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab

Don't you hate when you get a science experiment kit and you can't eat what you make? Well, that's no longer a problem with this gummy candy lab kit! Make tasty, sugary, colorful gummies in a variety of shapes including rainbows and unicorns.

19. The Toy Network 67" Sequin Snake

Run your hands along their sequin scales and these snakes will instantly change color! It's as satisfying as an ASMR video and so cool that we've even installed walls of it in our stores. Trust us, you'll be distracted for longer than you care to admit.

20. Do Not Lick This Book

Ok, in case you hadn't noticed, we're REALLY not supposed to be licking random surfaces right now. Let's remind the whole family of that with this hilarious adventure about a microscopic germ traveling all over exotic places like your teeth and shirt.

21. Fishing For Floaters: Bath Tub Game

Uh oh! Looks like the doody has escaped the toilet and is now making a b-line for the bathub! Luckily, you are ready with your trusted fishing rod and ready to remove those floaters as soon as they start to bubble up to the surface.

22. Guesstures

In this highspeed take on charades, you and your teammates must act quick to guess not one BUT FOUR cards before the Action Timer munches them up. Will you be able to keep up with these stakes???

23. Gift Republic "You Guac Served" Ping Pong Set

Smash around the pit with this ping pong set that will get all your friends ready for lunch. It's totally portable so bring it with you the next time you all go to that trendy cafe to get some avocado toast.

24. Who Pooped?: A Matching & Memory Game

Get an in-depth understanding of the bowels of the entire animal kingdom with this memory game. Match animals to there proper movements and you will be so ready for the inevitable pop quiz you're teacher did not expect you to study for.