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Toys for Kids Who Love to Take Things Apart

What's just as much fun as building a giant play structure? Absolutely DEMOLISHING it, of course. Just ask any kid.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns


Is your kid always wondering what’s going on inside of their favorite toys? Do they wish they could explore the ins and outs of their gadgets? You've come to the right place. While we figure out the whole x-ray-vision-goggles thing, these gadgets and toys let you our kid take things apart to see how they tick — or just experience the enormous satisfaction to be found in building stuff in order to knock it over. Curious minds will fall in love with these gadgets, puzzle toys, and STEM-based activities!

Snap Circuits Jr. Electronic Projects Kit

Kids can dig into the wires of their favorite electronics and get the true tour of how they all come together with Snap Circuits. The nifty kit shows them what is really going on inside their television, radio, doorbell, and so much more. Instead of taking apart a brand new 4K HD 3D TV, have them take apart these circuit boards and see all the digital magic needed to bring their favorite show to life. 


For a creative project that never quits, you're kids going to want to get their hands on a set of Magna-Tiles. They can build up the tiles, knock them down, and repeat as many times as they like. The translucent tiles encourage math, science, tactile and spatial skills. But all kids will notice is how many ways they can build, connect, and take apart their creations. 

Open the Joy Hydraulic Excavator S.T.E.A.M. Kit

Kids can create their very own wooden model excavator with working hydraulic controls, and then TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! Oh wait, sorry … and then apply their new science and engineering knowledge to practical tasks in their day to day life. That makes much more sense.

Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Science Kit

If you've got the kind of kid who looks at a machine and wonders how it works, you're going to want to get their hands on the LEGO Chain Reactions Science Kit. The STEM-based kit shows them how to turn classic LEGO bricks into machines to make Rube-Goldberg-style chain reactions. (Not included in this kit is the chain reaction that comes from stepping on a LEGO in bare feet...and if you don't know what I'm talking about, please share your LEGO dodging secrets!)

Mindware QBAMAZE 2 Big Box

Have kids test their building skills to create tunnels, loops, and zig-zag paths to see if they can get the little marble from point A to B. The big test comes in when it's time to drop the marble off on its big journey. Luckily, if it doesn't make it, they can just take apart the maze and start all over again. The trial and error is half the fun. 

Tegu Blocks

Quick warning, parents: you won't be able to put down these Tegu magnetic wooden blocks. Seriously, they are super addicting for kids and adults to play with — and in the best way. The 8-piece block set comes together to create hundreds of different shapes. You kid doesn't love what they've built? No problem — they can simply disconnect the blocks and start over again. It's that easy. 


Think you know about blocks? Think again! Blockaroo is an awesome twist on the classic building toy — and a big CAMP favorite. The magnetic foam blocks snap together to form different 3D shapes that can twist, turn, and move, which makes it easy to use them to create all kinds of structures — and take them apart with a satisfying little click. If you have a kiddo with a mind for tinkering, they're bound to fall in love with these one-of-a-kind blocks. 


What if I told you that your kid could create over one hundred toys from just one toy? Don't believe me? Have them try it out with a set of Clixo. The flexible bands come in a set with 39 pieces with 7 different unique shapes making endless possibilities to create. They can build a bag, pet dog, or a snake that slithers long. When they're ready for another go, they can take everything apart and start over for an endless good time. 

MagFormers Wow 16-Piece Set

Do they want to build a car? How about a car with two different levels? And with an open roof too? With the MagFormers set, it's all possible — and they won't have to wait for that driver's license to take the wheel. Kids can build the vehicle of their dreams with this magnetic connection set. They'll learn about how the different pieces come together and take apart sections for a constant remodel. They'll guaranteed to have the coolest wheels on the road. 

Updated June 2022