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The Best Toys You Can Bring With You to the Park

And even the beach.

Deena Campbell and Sarah Burns


There's nothing quite like a sunny day at the park: The warm sun, the smell of grass (and mud), the sound of ice cream trucks... After all the time we've spent staring into screens this year (thanks pandemic!) it’s nice to spend some time gazing up into tree branches. Here are some of the best lightweight, portable, generally-packable outdoor toys to bring along with your picnic blanket for extra fun at your local park. 

My First Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper



Lightweight, durable, and designed for indoor or outdoor play, this preschooler-friendly pogo stick (by the inventors of the original pogo!) replaces the fixed frame with a flexible cord and a sturdy foam block, so it's fun and easy for little hoppers to use. Bounce through the grass, around the playground, or straight into the picnic blanket.

For ages 3+

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

Every kid in the park will come running to watch when you pull out the Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes — and these babies put on quite a show, soaring up to 100 feet into the air! Each plane is designed to do a different trick, whether it’s shooting super high, making giant loops, or redirecting itself mid-flight.

For ages 5-12

Get Outside Go Play Pitch N' Catch

Improve your aim through the magic of velcro! And maybe a little practice. Fasten the neon paddle to one hand, and toss the ball to your friend with the other. When the neon ball comes zipping your way, point your paddle in its path to make the catch!

For ages 5+

Crocodile Creek Rainbow Dreams 7-Inch Ball

Crocodile Creek Rainbow Ball

Crocodile Creek

These smiling cloud friends will enjoy trip after trip with you out to the park. A simple(and adorable) ball like this is the most classic playground must-have. It's ideal for kickball, dodgeball, hot potato, and pretty much any kid game where you can have a ball!

For ages 1+

Green Toys Jump Rope

If you love the park, chances are, you're a fan of nature, and being outside! I've got a jumprope that'll make your heart skip a beat. Made from 100% US-made braided cotton rope, and 100% recycled plastic handles, this eco-conscious offering by Green Toys is worth jumping for!

For ages 5+

Hearth Song Pick Up & Go Corn Hole

Hearthsong Cornhole


Just like the name says, this highly portable set doesn’t even need any set up – just place it, and play! Lightweight and sturdy, this classic game will become your go-to family favorite for trips to the park, days at the beach, and getting-away-from-it-all camping trips.

For ages 4+

Gift Republic Pizza Kite

Gift Republic Pizza Kite

If I were to give you a pizza my mind, I’d tell ya to go fly a kite! Grab a slice, and you’ll be soaring to all new heights. Easy T-construction comes together quicker than it takes to get a group to agree on toppings. 

For ages 6+

Green Toys Dump Truck

150630 dump truck 034 1024x

Green Toys

Cleaning up the planet one milk carton at a time, there are so many reasons to love Green Toys!  They’re made of 100% recycled materials, and contain no BPA, phthalates or PVC. They’re also extremely durable, clean easily, and are surprisingly detailed to spark active, imaginative play. Fill it up with sand, dirt, snacks (maybe clean it after all the sand and dirt though), and dump it all out, and fill’er back up again!

For ages 1+

Ooly Chroma Blends Travel Watercolor Palette

Ooly Travel Watercolors


Have you ever tried plein air painting? It’s a fancy term for painting landscapes while outside, where the landscapes actually are. It doesn’t take any special know-how either – just have a set of watercolors handy, do your best to paint what you see. This set by Ooly contains a rich palette of colors, space for mixing, and includes 2 brushes with water reservoirs. Easy to pack up for park trips, or anywhere the artistic spirit moves you. 

For ages 6+

Tiger Tribe Beat The Clock

Tiger Tribe beat the Clock

Tiger Tribe

Ready? Set? Go grab some friends and put your skills to the test! Filled with over 30 tricky  timed challenges designed for all ages, this booklet and stopwatch set will have you jumping, running, and rolling with laughter. 

For ages 5+

Bunk Buddies Plushies

CAMP BunkBuddies 01

Going to the park is basically going on a mini adventure, so take along the pals that always got your back. Scout the Bear loves to hike and explore, and Superhero Princess Hazel leads the way for arts and crafts, and creative play! They’re cuddly, loyal pals you’ll want to take along everywhere, because nothing beats having fun with your Bunk Buddies!

For ages 3+

Thumbs Up UK Burger Speaker

Thumbs Up UK Burger Speaker

Thumbs Up UK

Afternoon outing? Take the tunes with you, and pack this perfectly portable cutie into a bag or pocket. His name is Bert, and he connects easily via Bluetooth, boasting around  4 hours of play time when fully charged. An anthropomorphized amplifier with surprisingly powerful sound capabilities for music you can really sink your teeth into.

For ages 12+


llamanoes 740x

Chronicle Books

Ditch the dots, because this is Dominoes like you’ve never played before: llamafied. Match the heads to the tails of these dapper, domesticated camelids to complete their outfits, and score points with a chain of llamas. Full of hilarious illustrations, this game will be cracking up players at picnic tables, on beach towels, and anywhere that could use a little more llama. 

For ages 3+

Sunnylife Megaphone Seafoam

Whether you’re having a field day, refereeing a game, or just trying to wrangle a group of kids together, this megaphone is a must. Amplifying your voice is as easy as pressing a button and talking into the button. Features a handy carrying strap, and three different sound levels to really catch their attention. 

For ages 10+

Mighty Bites Dinosaur

Mighty Bites Dinosaur

Mighty Bites

Some kids go through a hard-core dinosaur phase. At any given moment, often without warning, they’ll suddenly do a creeping, dino-like walk, and respond to any question with a hearty roar because, of course, “Dinosaurs can’t talk”. Sure it can be a little embarrassing when your kid roars at the grocery store checkout clerk, big little dinos play hard! Make sure yours has the proper headgear for exploring the wild vegetation of the Late Cretaceous period, aka the park.

For ages 5+ 

Kid Made Modern On The Go Jewelry Making Kit

Picture this: it’s a warm, sunny day at the park, relaxing under a shady tree, methodically stringing colorful beads to create a unique design, inspired by the beauty of nature. The playground kids look on in curiosity, and their eyes light up when they see what you’ve been making – the coolest custom friendship bracelets in the whole wide park! Take along this kit by crafting-to-go experts at Kid Made Modern, and find out how enjoyable crafting outside can be. 

For ages 5+


Winning Moves, Twister

Winning Moves

Yes, it’s a classic party game usually associated with pajama parties, but hear me out – the durable “board” is basically just a big plastic blanket. Set it up over soft grass to catch those hard landings, and take turns spinning that colorful spinner. What could be more fun than slip-sliding in your socks, under the sun? 

For ages 6+

Litehawk Rowdy

Litehawk Rowdy


Start your engines! Rowdy lives up to its name, with high-speed fun, oversized wheels that flip and grip to conquer almost any terrain, and perform mind-bending stunts. The rechargeable battery is capable of holding up to 20 minutes of juice for zipping around every inch of the playground. 

For ages 6-12

Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter Deluxe LED

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe


This will be the one they reach for every sunny day for years to come. The Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter Deluxe LED offers a super smooth ride that's perfect for beginners, and 100% kid-powered light up wheels. This bad boy features adjustable handlebars, can hold up to 110lbs, and a brilliant, modular construction so if something breaks (accidents happen), the part can be easily replaced.

For ages 5-12

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Walkie Talkie

One for you, one for a friend, these walkie talkies have a range of just over 300 feet. Get an “All clear!” from the bottom of the slide, call for dibs on the monkey bars, or scout enemy territory during intense games of capture the flag. Roger that? 

For ages 4-7