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The Best Toys You Can Bring With You to the Park

And even the beach.

Deena Campbell · 7 months ago

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There's nothing quite like a sunny day at the park: The warm sun, the smell of grass (and mud), the sound of ice cream trucks... After all the time we've spent staring into screens this year (thanks pandemic!) it’s nice to spend some time gazing up into tree branches. Here are some of the best lightweight, portable, generally-packable outdoor toys to bring along with your picnic blanket for extra fun at your local park. 

My First Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper



Lightweight, durable, and designed for indoor or outdoor play, this preschooler-friendly pogo stick (by the inventors of the original pogo!) replaces the fixed frame with a flexible cord and a sturdy foam block, so it's fun and easy for little hoppers to use. Bounce through the grass, around the playground, or straight into the picnic blanket.

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

Every kid in the park will come running to watch when you pull out the Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes — and these babies put on quite a show, soaring up to 100 feet into the air! Each plane is designed to do a different trick, whether it’s shooting super high, making giant loops, or redirecting itself mid-flight.

Parachute and Ball Combo Pack


Up We Go!

A parachute is a staple for any park excursion. It’s the perfect open-ended activity that can easily be packed up when it’s time to go. Need ideas for a game? Try merry-go-round. Simply walk, hop, jump, or skip around holding the chute. Watch little ones giggle with excitement.

Green Toys EcoSaucer


Green Toys

There’s a reason why Green Toys has such a dedicated following — they make eco-friendly, affordable toys in the USA that are durable, cool-looking, and built for fun. And their commitment to sustainability is truly impressive. Take this groovy flyer on your next adventure to the park.

HABA Sand Toys Ice Cream Set



Warm-weather dreams are made of ice cream. Start your kid’s love for ice cream early with this ice cream set that’s equally great for playing in sand and dirt. The tools are thoughtfully designed for little hands with a right-sized bucket so they can actually carry their own toys to and from the park. 

Goliath Hydro Zoom Ball



If your tween wants to be the cool kid at the park (I mean, obviously), bring along this fast-paced water balloon game that's designed to be played with a daredevil buddy. Just fill the zoom ball at home with water balloons, and when they get to the park, let them pull the handles apart sending the zoom ball racing back and forth. They have to move quickly before the ball pops and soaks them with water!

Giant Checkers Set



A checkers set is the perfect indoor game, but a giant checker set adds the fun you never knew you needed for an outdoor play session. And when they get bored playing checkers, flip over the blanket and play Tic Tac Toe, and SUPER Tic Tac Toe.


Molkky, which is sometimes called Finska, is a popular outdoor game in Finland that's made its way to American parks and yards. It's kind of like a cross between outdoor bowling, croquet, and petanque, andi t can be played on grass, gravel, sand, dirt or really any outdoor surface. If a player knocks down more than 1 pin, their score for that turn is the number of pins they knocked down. It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s great for ages 6 and up!

Get Outside Go Play Pitch N' Catch

Improve your aim through the magic of velcro! And maybe a little practice. Fasten the neon paddle to one hand, and toss the ball to your friend with the other. When the neon ball comes zipping your way, point your paddle in its path to make the catch!

Green Toys Jump Rope

If you love the park, chances are, you're a fan of nature, and being outside! I've got a jumprope that'll make your heart skip a beat. Made from 100% US-made braided cotton rope, and 100% recycled plastic handles, this eco-conscious offering by Green Toys is worth jumping for!