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5 Toys You Haven’t Heard Of If You Were Born After 2000

Put on your comfiest pair of shoes as we take a walk down memory lane and check out five toys you probably haven’t heard of if you were born after 2000!

Daniel Fernandez

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Put on your comfiest pair of shoes as we take a walk down memory lane and check out five toys you probably haven’t heard of if you were born after 2000!

And don’t you worry, we’re not in the business of dangling carrots (or in this case, toys) in front of your faces that you can’t play with, so each toy on this list will be accompanied by a similar modern alternative to explore together! Here we go!

The Nerf Ball from 1969



The original Nerf ball designed back in the ’60s was marketed as the “world’s first indoor ball,” and during its first year in production, 4.5 million balls were sold! No matter how hard you threw it there was no need to worry about breaking Mom’s fine china or the antique vase your Dad bought at that yard sale years ago.

The Ollyball Ultimate Indoor Play Ball is an inflatable ball that allows you to be as wild and wacky as you can be with your indoor play without the possibility of breaking anything. The best part? You can also color in the Ollyball with water-based markers and wash them away to repaint your ball as many times as you want!

Sky Dancers from 1994

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Sky Dancers were dolls that had flexible foam wings and a plastic base they’d launch from using a ripcord. Once they took off, their wings would expand and the doll would spin and float around the room spreading their wings and magic near and far!

A modern-day alternative that will make you swear you’re experiencing deja vu, the Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers are an update to the wildly popular Hatchimals Pixies line. Now your favorite pixie dolls come with fancy fluttering wings for fantastic flying fun!

Weebles from 1971



Weebles were all the rage back in the ’70s for toddlers (thinking about it now, that probably had a lot to do with just how much both Weebles and Toddlers love to wobble). Thanks to a small weight located at the bottom of each Weeble and our trusty pal Gravity, they would always return to an upright position once someone tried to tip them over. Talk about never letting ’em get you down!

Tegu’s nostalgic, sleek, and eco-friendly wood-grained toys are an inviting alternative to the Weebles of old and rely on magnets inside to keep things secure and stir up your little one’s imagination!

Rainbow Art Kit from 1991


Q Direct

Huge in the ’90s and appearing in more infomercials than parents would care to remember, Rainbow Art was all the rage for artists young and old! Each kit included two brushes and a canvas of all seven colors of the rainbow that you could dip your brush into. With every stroke of your paintbrush you would make Roy G. Biv proud!

The award-winning DoodleMatic is certainly a leap forward for art and play! The DoodleMatic app lets you create your very own playable mobile game by drawing out game landscapes you’d like to play on and then snapping a photo. It’s the perfect intro to game design, and it lets families flex their artistic muscles at the same time!

The Talkboy from 1992

Deluxe Talkboy on table

Tiger Electronics

Made popular by the hit movie “Home Alone 2,” the Talkboy would record your voice and play it back to you at high or low speeds, which would change how your voice sounded! This made prank calling your friends real easy until, ya know, caller ID showed up and the number of refrigerators that needed to be caught dropped significantly …

Sphero Drums are more than just a pair of wearable drums! By tapping on any surface with these cool wearable triggers, you can create beats and loops, and play a vast number of sounds, including ones you record yourself!