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20 Twee Treasures For Your New Cottagecore Collection

Create the cottage life you’ve always dreamed about.

Sarah Burns · about 2 months ago

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Let me tell you about a magical place, where the air smells like freshly baked bread, the garden is a colorful cornucopia of organic goodness, and there’s a tea for all that ails you. That storybook place with vines growing up the stone facade, where everything is handmade, and the air feels crisp, but relaxing and cozy, and somehow it’s always either spring or autumn.

Yes, it’s the cottage life you’ve always dreamed about! If you find you can’t pack up the fam and start your new life as magical forest dwellers just yet, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for our favorite Cottagecore picks.

1. W & P Design Pour-Over Dripper

W & P Design

Nothing like a cuppa joe in the wee morning hours to wake the senses. This ceramic pour-over coffee dripper, a filter, and some fresh ground coffee are all you need to make the perfect cup.

2. Classic Tea Drops Assortment Box

Tea Drops

If tea is more your cup of, uh, tea, this Tea Drops sampler is for you. The rustic hand-stamped wooden box slides open to reveal a medley of teas pressed into whimsical shapes, ready to be popped into hot water and serenely sipped.

3. Odette Williams Children's Apron Set

Odette Williams

Vertically challenged bakers know well the struggle of finding a full-coverage apron. Brooklyn-based Odette Williams has got you covered with these baker’s apron sets, complete with the tools of the trade thoughtfully tucked away in the apron’s front pocket.

4. Everything Bagel & Cream Cheese Kit

Farm Steady

Baking bread is arguably the quintessential Cottagecore pastime, but when you’ve exhausted all the recipes from BreadTok (thanks Hannah!), try your hand at whipping up some yummy New York style bagels, and top them off with your very own homemade cream cheese.

5. The Chili Lab Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

The Chili Lab

Heat-seekers, here’s something to spice things up: the Chili Lab homemade hot sauce kit hooks you up with tips, tricks, and fixin’s to make your own unique, flavorful hot sauce. Variety is the spice of life after all, so this kit contains recipes and ingredients for two different kinds. Give one to the foodie in your life, and keep one for yourself – or be saucey, and keep them both. We won’t tell.

6. Butterfly A6 Notebook

Scandinavian Fishing Year Book

Beginner foragers will love this handy, pocket-sized notebook. Featuring quick-reference identification illustrations on their covers, this lined journal is perfect on the go, with plenty of space to make notes of your forest findings.

7. Gentlemen's Hardware Folding Utensil Multitool

Gentlemen's Hardware

So you’ve spent the day foraging, and you’re a bit of a ways from the cottage, but you’re feeling sort of peckish. Prepare and eat that fresh forest food haul with this handy camping cutlery tool! With a beautiful wood handle, and reminiscent of a Swiss army knife, this handy little tool has everything you need to eat in the great outdoors.

8. Mixed Wild Flowers - Matchstick Garden

City Bird

If you’re wild about wildflowers, then this is a match made in botanical heaven! Simply tear off a match, and plant it head first in the soil. With a little rain – and patience – you’ll find yourself tip-toeing through the tulips in no time.

9. Tiny Floral Tin Temporary Tattoo Set


What in carnation? Become one with the flowers with these lusciously hued floral temporary tattoos. Tattly features striking designs by independent artists who receive a portion of every sale. This fetching little tin is blooming with flowery goodness; they’re a must-have for your next garden party.

10. Carve-A-Stamp Kit

Yellow Owl Workshop

Stamps are a brilliant way to leave your mark on stationary, wrapping paper, or add a unique, handmade touch to business cards. Yellow Owl’s Carve-A-Stamp Kit includes a soft rubber block, five carving nibs, stamp ink, and an easy to follow guide that will have you carving your own designs with very whittle effort.

11. Affirmators! Tarot Deck

Sunnyside Gifts

Enlightening and whimsical, the Affirmators! Tarot is a wonderful tool to add to your wellness routine. Charming animal drawings guide the way to inner happiness and the instruction book provides short, sweet, uplifting answers to all your questions. A lovely deck for beginners, and a unique addition to a seasoned thrower’s collection.

12. Crystals: The Stone Deck

Chronicle Books

No need to haul out that heavy rock collection, because this deck is a true gem! These lustrously illuminating cards unlock the mysteries of crystals and gems, with detailed information on energies and healing properties.

13. Calm Club Blanket Knitting Kit

Calm Club

Cozy up in your own creation! The Calm Club makes crafting easy with this comfort blanket kit. Pop open the sturdy cylinder (save it to store your blanket-in-progress), and you’ll find everything you need to knit a snuggly soft throw blanket. Perfect for picking up a new craft, cozying up, or gifting to a friend – even if that friend is yourself.

14. Loopdeloom Weaving Loom


Knitting is nifty, and crochet is crafty, but have you tried some wonderful weaving? Loopdeloom will get you started, with it’s ingenious, award-winning design that’s perfect for beginners and experienced weavers alike. This kit includes 120 yard of yarn so you can start crafting right out of the box, and Loopdeloom ingeniously connects to other looms, so big or small, you can loom it all!

15. Happy Misfit Embroidery Kit

PopLush Embroidery

You won’t need to jump through hoops to make this fin-tastic embroidery. This kit contains everything you need (including extra floss) to update your current decor, all while getting schooled on the stitches using the included guide.

16. Phoebe Fawn From Hazel Village

Hazel Village

Oh deer, what a darling! The Phoebe Fawn doll by Hazel Village is a delightful heirloom-quality soft toy, adorned with a beautiful flower crown, and ready for a jaunt around the Maypole with you.

17. Of Unusual Kind Paper Dolls

Of Unusual Kind

Play the old-fashioned way with an updated take on paper dolls. Dolls from Of Unusual Kind are beautifully adorned with an array of vibrant, timeless, mix-and-match wardrobe options. Their perforated pieces make for a beautiful display, and their practical, stiff construction means you’ll be reaching for these beauties playtime after playtime.

18. Folklore Enamel Fox Mug

Wild & Wolf

Fireside chats aren’t complete without these folksy campfire mugs! Lovely to look at, these super tough mugs are made of tin and topped off in a gorgeous enamel glaze, which keeps them pretty and protects them from rust and wear.

19. Gentlemen's Hardware Campfire Games

Gentlemen's Hardware

When you’ve eaten all the weenies and burned through the bag of marshmallows, it’s time to break out this handy tin and play some classic campfire games! Tucked into each tin is a set of dice, a score pad, a pencil, instructions, and a waterproof deck of playing cards featuring survival guide tips and facts, so you can brush up on your wilderness skills while beating your friends in a friendly game of Dozen Dash.

20. Otherland Fallen Fir Candle


Ready to be transported into a frosty pine forest without having to deal with actually being outside? Bring the essence of the great outdoors into the comfort of your cozy cottage, with the Otherland Fallen Fir candle. Richly scented with balsam, musk, and spices — this candle fills any space with wintry magic, so you can stay where it’s warm.