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Play For A Living With 9 Uber-Professional Gifts For Ambitious Kids

It’s time to get a real job, kid.

Megan Baldwin · about 2 months ago

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Thank 2020 for making your kid count as a co-worker. Sure, they’re not great on email and get upset at the sound of a Slack notification, but who doesn’t? Plus, you can’t complain when their idea of a playdate involves grabbing a pretend broom and sweeping the very real snack crumbs under your standing desk. Ahead, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite gifts for kids who have their sights set on the corner office …  which was formerly their playroom until you showed up and staged a hostile takeover.

1. Melissa And Doug Let’s Play House Sweep And Mop Set

Melissa And Doug

Let your kid Kondo their heart out with this colorful, clean house play set. Sweep, mop, and turn chores into the super-fun activity that no kid knew they wanted to do until … right now.

2. Polaroid I-Type Camera


Polaroid’s new point-and-shoot analog instant camera is exactly what your kid needs to create a gallery at home. The new autofocus feature means your kiddo can take pro-quality shots that will become extremely rare (and valuable) after his first MoMA exhibition.

3. Tulip 5-Color Tie-Dye Kit


College fund, much? Before you introduce your creative kiddo to the fine art of monetization, give them an intro kit for tie dye. With five colors and simple, step-by-step instructions, your kid’s tuition is just a side hustle away.

4. Fisher Price My Home Office Playset

Fisher Price

Your kid’s officially the boss with this WFH-inspired playset. Grab an oat milk latte to go so she isn’t late for her first conference call with the stuffed animals who are angry about not getting premium bedtime placement. Slack notifications not included.

5. Plan Toys Hairdresser Set

Plan Toys

Mommy’s hair isn’t going to dry itself, is it? Plan Toys wooden hairdresser kit helps introduce your coif-curious kiddo to the tools of the trade — so if hair salons shut down again you’ll have a highly qualified backup stylist at home.

6. Melissa & Doug Get Well Doctor’s Kit Play Set

Melissa & Doug

Your future first responder will appreciate the critical care taken with this uber-realistic play set. Your kiddos can make a house call with Doogie Howser-worthy essentials like a syringe, play scissors, and reflex hammer.

7. Kidkraft Farm-To-Table Play Kitchen


Before your kid can launch her home-grown delivery business, she’ll need to practice whipping up a few very secret recipes. This future chef’s kitchen has ample counter space and top-of-the-line appliances, and it features two window boxes for harvesting ingredients. Try not to be jealous.

8. LEGO Make Your Own Movie Kit


Lights, camera, Netflix deal! This kid-friendly kit shows your future Spielberg how to cast his LEGO mini figures in a real stop-motion film. Build a set, create a story, and use a smartphone to record the next blockbuster LEGO movie.

9. Studio Creator Video Maker Kit

Canal Toys

Have a content creator on your hands? Use this Studio Creator Video Maker Kit to make videos like the pros. With an LED ring light, tripod, and green screen, they can create, edit, and share their latest viral video.