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These Water Blasters Will Keep You Cool All Summer Long

Sneaky, soaky, super-wet summer fun, coming right atcha.

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

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best water blasters


Water blasters equal instant summer fun! They can be used pretty much anywhere — in the park, around the backyard, or even the pool for a double-dip of soaking wet fun. Find some fun water blasters to play with this summer with the list below! 

Animal Water Blasters

It will be hard to be angry about that soaking sneak attack when the water blasters are this cute. This 4-pack of animal water blasters comes with an adorable assortment of animals, so pick your favorite one and get ready to get wet. The blasters are super lightweight and can reach up to 30 feet, so even your little ones will be able to get in on the fun. 

Paw Patrol Water Rescue Pack

Team up with Ryder and the rest of the Paw Patrol crew with this Paw Patrol Water Rescue Pack. The comfortable water pack holds up to 33 ounces of water (for maximum water fun with minimum refills!) and shoots up to 30 feet, making it easy to help the pups save the day. You'll be a permanent member of the Paw Patrol in no time!

Fireman Backpack Water Blaster

Calling all future firefighters! You're definitely going to want to have this fireman's backpack ready to go for some summer fun. Practice your fireman skills around the yard or set up targets and prep for your future career. When your training is done, have the whole family sit in on a drill and surprise them with a blast from the hose!

Boley Crayon Water Blasters

Crayons are great to draw with, but crayons that can spray water are even better. Make a rainbow full of water with these Crayon Water Blasters. The bright colored blasters come in every color, just like a classic box of crayons — and there's plenty for everyone!

Super Shields Squirt Water Blasters

Channel your inner Captain America — Steve Rogers, not John Walker, obviously — with these Super Shields Squirt Water Blasters. The shield helps you take cover during that intense water fight and gives you the chance to squirt back in a friendly way. Keep up the practice with the shields — you never know when the Avengers are looking for new recruits

Emoji Handle Water Blasters

Feeling happy? What about silly? Whatever emotion you're feeling, these emoji water blasters will help you express it. As you fill up the blaster with water, you'll probably have the same size smile as the excited emoji. Let's just see if it stays that way when the water starts to flow!

Fortnite Water Blasters

Screentime is great and all, but wouldn't you rather play outside with some of your favorite Fortnite characters if you had the chance? Thanks to these Fortnite-themed Beef Boss and Fishstick water blasters, now you can. With these fan-favorite blasters, you can show off all of your crazy Fortnite dance moves and give them a water-filled twist.

Fire Extinguisher Squirter Toy

Normally fire extinguishers are off-limits when it comes to playtime. But these fire extinguisher squirter toys are the exception to the rule! The miniature fire extinguishers will help any future firefighters practice their skills — just don't mix these blasters up with the real thing!

SwimWays Squiggle Squirter

You better be on the lookout when the Squiggle Squirters come out to play in the pool. The colorful fish-turned-water-blasters have a mind of their own and send water spraying out in all directions. The sneaky blasters draw water directly from the pool so you'll never run out of water.