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Discover The Magic Of Nature At Florida’s Treasure Coast

Forget all the lost Spanish gold. The real treasure is the beautiful beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture. Oh, and the surfing!

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All throughout December, Camp and VISIT FLORIDA have invited you along on virtual trips to  some of Florida’s most popular destinations and we’re going to be visiting even more of our favorite spots every Tuesday in January. Last week we took a trip to Florida’s Treasure Coast, home to surfing, fishing, museums, dining, and beaches. Oh man, so many great beaches.

Discover Hobe Sound and the Natural Beauty of Jonathan Dickinson State Park

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The highlight of Florida’s Treasure Coast is surely the pristine beaches and abundant wildlife of Jonathan Dickinson State Park. When you get your fill of hiking, fishing, camping, and mountain biking, you can take a relaxing trip down the Loxahatchee River aboard the Loxahatchee Queen III before heading back to Hobe Sound for some tasty treats and shopping. The easiest way to reach the area is to fly into Palm Beach International Airport and head north toward Stuart, Florida.

Get Your Fill of Outdoor Adventure at Jensen Beach


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Jensen Beach has something for everyone. There’s plenty of surfing, boating, and fishing to be had for the thrill-seekers in your family. There’s also excellent seafood and museums for those with finer tastes, but the real draw is Sea Turtle Beach on Hutchinson Island, where you’ll have a chance to spot loggerhead and green turtles during nesting season, which usually begins in late spring and lasts until early autumn.

Go on a Treasure Hunt Through History at the Elliott Museum

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This part of Florida is called Treasure Beach for a reason, you know. The entire coast was once frequented by Spanish treasure galleons in the 16th century, which would occasionally shipwreck on the tricky reefs in the area, losing their stores of treasure in the process. While you’re unlikely to find any doubloons these days, you can find a little enrichment at the Elliott Museum and House of Refuge in Stuart, Florida.

Join Us for the Next Travel Tuesdays, Presented by VISIT FLORIDA!

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We had a blast visiting Florida’s Treasure Coast, but our virtual vacation doesn’t end there. Join us for Travel Tuesdays next week when we visit the Everglades, and keep coming back throughout January for more fun Florida destinations.

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