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Connect With Pen Pals From Around The World—And Even In Space!

There’s never been a better time to be pen pals with an astronaut.

Maria Bailey · 6 months ago

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There's never been a better time to have a pen pal! Without even leaving your home, you can make friends with people from across the world and even in outer space (we’re talking astronauts, not aliens...although maybe someday?). There are countless pen pal matching platforms where kids, with parental guidance, can make new meaningful friendships. Here are a few wonderful ways to get started with a new pen pal. 

Write to an Astronaut

Write to an Astronaut


What if we told you that you could connect with real, live space heroes? Through NASA's pen pal program, you can send and receive letters to and from real-life astronauts, and better yet, you don't need to borrow one of Elon Musk's space rockets to do it! Decide which astronaut you would like to write to by going to NASA's website, write your letter (tip: write a specific question for your astronaut to answer, or request an autographed photo), and send it via mail to the following address here on earth: 

NASA Johnson Space Center CB/Astronaut Office Houston, TX 77058

Make it easier for your astronaut to complete their exciting mission by including a self-addressed and stamped return envelope. Learn more about how you can launch your letter to Houston right here

Make Friends with Students Around the World

Write to Kids Around the World


Developing international friendships and learning together is surprisingly easy thanks to PenPal Schools, an online community that connects children worldwide. PenPal Schools has half a million children — and counting — across 150 countries using the platform, which encourages kids to connect and collaborate. From learning about human rights to collaborating on environmental projects, while developing reading, writing, and technology skills, PenPal School has given what it means to be pen pals a whole new meaning. 

Learn how you can join this exciting community here

Connect with Seniors at Nursing Homes

Write to Seniors


Since social distancing measures were put in place, many of us have been feeling a little disconnected from the world, and residents of nursing homes are perhaps feeling this more than anyone. The Village Concepts Retirement Communities has taken matters into their own hands by developing a wonderful pen pal program that encourages kids at home to write to their seniors. 

Go to Village Concepts Retirement Communities to learn how you can start writing to your new pen pal today.

Write to a Scientist

Write to a Scientist


Connecting with a real-life STEM professional might be the inspiration or encouragement you didn't know you needed! Letters to a Pre-Scientist empowers ALL students — regardless of their backgrounds — to see themselves as future scientists by giving them access to role models in scientific fields from microbiology to plant pathology to mathematics and beyond. The program redefines what it means to be a STEM professional by inviting students to look beyond the white lab coats to see the (super interesting!) human beings inside. 

Start writing to a scientist here to learn what it actually means to be a STEM professional.

Write Letters to Deployed Soldiers

Write to a Soldier


This isn't your typical send-a-letter, receive-a-letter kind of pen pal program. Soldiers' Angels is a global network of volunteers that provides support to deployed U.S. soldiers overseas, and part of that support comes in the form of heartfelt letters. You can also join the Soldiers' Angels Letter Writing Team to send supportive letters from home and boost service members' morale. Soldiers are not required to send letters back as their mission takes priority, but very often, they do. 

Go here to learn more and get started!