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10 Awesome Games You Can Play Without Any Materials

Fun and easy games to pass the time when you've totally run out of options.

Daniel Fernandez · about 1 year ago

Whether you’ve found yourself …

  • A. halfway through a cross-country road trip with your family and you just realized you forgot to bring your iPad

  • B. on the side of the road after the school bus broke down on the way back from a field trip and you left your playing cards at home

  • C. sucked into a wormhole that has sent you on a never-ending journey through space and time with no cell phone service (by the way how are you even reading this?)

… then chances are you’re going to need a fun way to pass the time!

To that we say, “Begone, boredom!” because we’ve put together the 10 very best games that don’t require any materials or equipment to play!


giphy (12)

@misfitsandmonsters on Giphy

Everyone has that one friend who tries to get you to laugh at the worst possible moments. Well, imagine a game built around that!

Players: 2 or more Space Needed: 2/10 (For optimal game play, you’ll want to be seated across from your partner to watch their face!) Loudness Scale: 3/10 (This number is accounting for the uproarious laughs.)

Read the rules for Sausage on


giphy (13)

@walkofftheearth on Giphy

Not for the faint of heart, this one is all about swiftness, balance, and awkward poses. To be honest, this game might make you feel more like a bonsai tree than an actual ninja!

Players: 3 or more players Space Needed: Varies! (The game gets exponentially more fun the more players you have, so you might need quite a bit of space!) Loudness Scale: 8/10 (This game can get pretty loud once you account for the giggles and funny poses everyone will be striking)

Check out the rules on Wikipedia.

Two Truths and a Lie


Disney via Giphy

Who has the best poker face?! This game is great for getting to know your friends and family better — and learning who you should invite next time you head to the casino.

Players: 3 or more Space Needed: 2/10 (You might want to find some room to sit because this game doesn’t have a definite ending) Loudness Scale: 3/10 (For all the laughing and/or gasping you’ll be doing!) Customization Suggestion: Mix up the typical way of playing and get cheeky by trying “Two Lies And A Truth!”

See how to play on ThoughCo.

The Human Knot

giphy (15)

@joekevdveen on Giphy

Also known as the “team-building exercise to end all team-building exercises,” The Human Knot is a seriously fun way of learning how to communicate with others in a large group while coming to appreciate the value of teamwork!

Players: 5 or more players for the most fun experience. Space Needed: 9/10 (You’ll need plenty of room for all the players to move!) Loudness Scale: 9/10 (Lots of accusing yells and groans of agony when people are voted out.) Customization Suggestions: Try playing against a time limit for added fun!

See how to play on WikiHow

Guess Who?

giphy (16)

@sambrownvideo on Giphy

Here’s a game that combines classic games like 20 Questions and I-Spy and needs no explanation on how to play! Pick a person and have the other players ask you “yes” or “no” questions until they figure out who it is!

Player: 2 or more Space-Needed: 2/10 (You might be thinking about this one for a while and want a seat) Loudness Scale: 3/10 (You’re going to be asking a lot of questions!) Customizability Suggestion: Instead of picking a person, try choosing  animals, models of cars, or even plants. For best results, choose something you and your family love to geek out over!

Secret Dancer

giphy (17)


A sleuthing game that caters to the members of your friend group or family that love to boogie!

Players: 4 or more players Space-Needed: 8/10 (Needs a large space for maximum embarrassing dance moves.) Loudness Scale: 6/10 (This game can vary depending on whether or not you want to play music to dance to! Rest assured you’ll be hearing feet hitting the floor and lots of laughter the whole time.) Customizability Suggestions: Set up a playlist of your favorite songs in the background while you play this game! Try dancing in the dark while holding glow sticks or wearing some glow in the dark face paint!

Find the full game instructions on


giphy (18)

@gamenightmovie on Giphy

“Charades” is the classic version of the “Heads Up” game that everyone loves playing at family gatherings nowadays. The only difference? No phone required!

Players: 4 or more players Space-Needed: 7/10 (Needs a large group to play.) Loudness Scale: 8/10 (The volume might climb as people excitedly shout out suggestions!)

Learn how to play on

Sleeping Lions

giphy (19)

@bbcamerica on. Giphy

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps to-YAWN. Hmmm, are we sure this game wasn’t invented by tired parents who just wanted the little ones to take a nap? Either way, it’s a roaringly fun time!

Players: 4 or more players Space-Needed: 8/10 (Players will be lying face down, which will take up quite a bit of space.)

Check out the instructions on Kidspot

Concentration 64

giphy (20)

@CMNHospitals on Giphy

Put on your thinking caps for this one! Concentration is a game that forces whoever is playing to pay attention to their hand-eye coordination, rhythm, and wordplay!

Players: 3 or more players Space-Needed: Varies! (The game is meant to be played sitting down, so the space required will depend on the number of players.) Loudness Scale: 8/10 (This game can get pretty loud based on all the claps, giggles, and groans when someone messes up.)

Captain’s Orders

giphy (21)

@lidl_voyages on Giphy

Aye, Aye, captain! Captain’s Orders is a game where you have to listen carefully or face the consequences. Just like when you’re at sea, if you don’t follow the rules you might find yourself walking the plank!

Players: 3 or more players Space-Needed: 8/10 (Needs a large group to play.) Loudness Scale: 9/10 Customizability Suggestions: For a little bit more variation try changing the role of who is giving orders! For example, instead of a sea captain how about a teacher, or doctor, or a fireman?!