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These Are the Perfect Toys and Gifts for Any Kids Who Love to Travel

Your junior adventurer is going to absolutely love these travel-themed toys, games, and gifts.

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns


Is your kid gearing up to be the next Ernest Shackleton? Hopefully not — that dude had to survive on seal blubber for over a year on a desolate frozen island. It sounds really bleak! But as most people who love to travel know, there are plenty of ways to explore our world that avoid the seal blubber and the frostbite almost entirely. And if you’ve got a kid who loves airplanes and adventure and is excited to experience the magic that our great big world has to offer, these are some gifts that will make perfect additions to their explorer’s pack.

Luckies of London Scratch Map Original

Keep track of where you’ve been by removing the foil from the places you’ve visited across the world on this genuinely gorgeous scratch map. It looks fabulous on the wall, and your (sensible and safety-conscious) Amelia Earheart Jr. will spend hours daydreaming about the next destination they can check off their list.  

MudPuppy Our World Activity Pack To Go

This absorbing activity pack is going to make the guy in front of you on the plane who got stuck with the nervous flyer who won’t stop talking wish that he was sitting with your sweet and well-behaved family instead. It’s got color-in postcards, stickers, a sketch pad, an activity book, a color-in poster, and crayons inside an adorable little play suitcase. 

Green Toys Blue Airplane

This eco-friendly propeller plane is made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs and it won’t charge you extra for a second checked bag when you’re already paying through the nose for the privilege of squeezing into a tiny seat next to an obnoxious stranger while you desperately try to keep your kid entertained for 5 hours in the air. Sorry, lost the plot there for a second — please enjoy this adorable, environmentally friendly plane toy that kids will absolutely love. 

MudPuppy Your World 1000-Piece Puzzle

This beautifully designed puzzle shows just how rich and exciting our world is by highlighting the animal life wherever you look. Animal drawings are not to scale, hopefully, otherwise we’re all in real trouble.  

eeBoo Spanish Vocabulary Bingo

Spanish Vocabulary Bingo is an engaging way to introduce kids to Spanish words that describe everyday things like nature, vehicles, animals, clothing, and colors. It’s even got a pronunciation guide, so you can put the kid in charge of asking for directions in Spanish if you’re embarrassed about your accent. 


Dreaming of eating freshly baked croissants on the Parc du Champ-de-Mars beneath the Eiffel Tower? That’s what Madeline gets to do pretty much every day. It’s extremely unfair, but you and the kids can live vicariously through her with this sweet and timeless classic. 

Canticos Bilingual Jumbo Puzzle: Letters A-Z

A cute, reversible puzzle with Spanish on one side and English on the other. You’ll look back at this fun and educational activity as the toy that started your little one on the road to being one of the greatest multilingual explorers of all time. (Or at the very least, as something that kept them occupied in the car.)

This Is America

Taking us on a journey across America, master illustrator and storyteller M. Sasek introduces young readers to the many sights and scenes America has to offer. Something for your kids to look at aspirationally when they inevitably persuade you to go to the McDonald’s with a Play Place instead of driving that extra hour to get to Mount Rushmore. 

LOL Surprise! OMG REMIX 4-in-1 Plane Playset

Starting out as the plane of their dreams, this playset transforms into a car to continue their journey from the skies to land. It also doubles as a recording studio and mixing booth because who doesn’t want to lay down a hot track after a long plane trip followed by a few hours on the highway?

Ticket to Ride Board Game

The whole family will love this simple but exciting board game about building railroads throughout North America and not just because you can pretend you’re an olde-timey tycoon before Teddy Roosevelt broke up the railroad monopolies!

Polaroid i-Type Camera

If you didn’t take any photos of your travels, did they even happen? Philosophers are still working on this question, but you can bypass it entirely by capture moments you can relive forever with the Polaroid iType Camera! With this beautiful camera, catching life on the move is even easier. 

Yellow Owl Workshop Cameras Earrings

Just because your aspiring wildlife photographer isn’t afraid to crawl in the muck to get the perfect shot during their trip doesn’t mean they can’t look fabulous while they’re doing it. These adorable camera earrings from Yellow Owl will ensure that they look cute while they shoot. 

Tiny Travelers China Treasure Book

It’s a lovely illustrated hardcover treasure-hunt book full of fun facts about China. And it’s got a dragon right there on the front, so it’s guaranteed to be an instant favorite with the little ones.  

Petit Collage Little Travelers Magnetic Play Set

The perfect travel toy for kids on the move, this play set includes two colorful scenes with characters inspired by cultures around the globe. Best of all, because all the pieces are magnetic, so you won’t have to spend the entire trip crawling under the seat in search of dropped accessories and generally ruing the day. 

CAMP Logo Duffel

Look, we're not trying to brag here, but in our quest to build the coolest, best things in the world for families, we might have accidentally created the perfect duffel bag. It's a great size — stuff all your stuffies and drawing materials and books for the plane in here. It's durable, it's an awesome color...and it's a way to bring a little CAMP magic with ya, everywhere you go. Even if that's just to a sleepover around the corner.

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