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BCG x CAMP Kids Summer Camp Series - Week 6

Join us for week 6 of BCG “Kids Summer Camp Series” with CAMP! Welcome to the Slime Lab! This slime party will have you and your besties creating some of your finest at-home slimes in your own kitchen!

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Who is it for?

BCG Employees and their Campers of all ages!

Do I need supplies?

Yes! We'll be making rainbow slime! You will need 1 stainless steel bowl (any bowl will work fine!), 1 popsicle stick or spoon, 1 pipette dropper or small spoon, 1 plastic container or sealable plastic bag, ½ cup of liquid white glue, 1 cup of shaving cream, about ½ cup of Sta Flo or liquid starch and rainbow food coloring!

Optional supplies include:

Rainbow glitter and contact lens solution (this helps hurry along the slime process for younger Campers!)