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Bluey 21in Acoustic Guitar
Bluey 21in Acoustic Guitar

Bluey 21in Acoustic Guitar


Bluey's Musical Marvel: 21-Inch Acoustic Plastic Guitar for Young Virtuosos

Inspire the love of music in young hearts with Bluey's 21-inch Plastic Guitar™! This delightful instrument embodies the spirit of Bluey™, encouraging kids to explore the wonders of music with its authentic guitar feel. Crafted with precision and play in mind, it's an acoustic joy, resonating with beautiful sounds that captivate kids aged three and above.

  • AUTHENTIC MUSICAL EXPERIENCE: Featuring resonant metal strings for an actual guitar feel, sparking creativity and musical exploration.
  • HIGH-QUALITY SOUNDS: Produces delightful acoustic sounds, captivating young musicians and nurturing their talent.
  • BATTERY-FREE: Crafted as an acoustic instrument, allowing kids to enjoy without needing batteries.
  • CHILD-SAFE MATERIALS: Made with durable, child-friendly materials to ensure it stands up to enthusiastic play.
  • AGE-APPROPRIATE DESIGN: Perfectly sized and designed for the hands and imaginations of children aged three and up.
  • EDUCATIONAL AND FUN: Encourages the development of musical appreciation, rhythm, and fine motor skills.
  • Ages 3-5+