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Monster Jam DieCast Playset — Max D Break Free Playset

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Monster Jam DieCast Playset — Max D Break Free Playset


Take your Monster Jam trucks to the next level with the official Max-D Break Free Playset! This upright playset brings the epic Monster Jam action to life. Slam the launcher to send the exclusive 1:64 scale die-cast Max-D Monster Jam truck straight up the ramp for high-flying, gravity-defying jumps! Slam it just right to make your truck hit the trick bar, doing a backflip onto the landing ramp for a clean getaway! As your exclusive Max-D vehicle soars, the Monster Jam logo at the top of the playset blasts open when the trick bar is hit to reveal Max-D! Reset the playset and pull off big air backflips and jumps again and again! For even more awesome Monster Jam action, add the Transforming Hauler Playset (sold separately) to your collection. Slam, launch and soar with the Monster Jam Max-D Break Free Playset!

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