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The Adventure Challenge Dinner Dates

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The Adventure Challenge Dinner Dates


30 Recipes + 30 Adventures for Any Couple

Chef perfected. Adventurer approved.

This book is much more than just a cookbook for two. Instead of just “dinner and a movie,” scratch off an adventure and enjoy delicious, unique recipes from Chopped Junior Champion, Josh Altamura. It’s the perfect date night!

Delight all your senses!

Not only are the recipes straightforward and fantastic, but we provide fun and engaging activities to fill the downtime between prepping and eating. 

Not only will you discover new recipes, but you’ll also discover new things about the person you’re cooking them with.

Explore new flavors and dishes from easy-to-find ingredients… all while you explore deeper into your relationship with your significant other.

Any couple can do these dinner dates! No cooking expertise is required. Just make sure you have standard kitchen equipment. Not super confident in your cooking skills? No problem! Tutorials, tips, and instructional videos go along with every recipe.

Chef Josh Altamura chose whole dishes that do not skip on nutrition! That said… we wouldn’t categorize this as a “healthy” cookbook. Just come and eat!

Dinner Dates does not include substitutions for gluten, dairy, or other common allergens but there are some vegetarian meals!

If you have dietary restrictions and are interested please feel free to make any and all necessary substitutions to have it fit your needs.

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