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Bakugan Battle Matrix Deluxe Game Board

Bakugan Battle Matrix Deluxe Game Board


Bring the thrill of the brawl to life with the Bakugan Battle Matrix! This epic arena is the ultimate way to brawl, with a solid battle surface, banked walls, and staging areas to hold your Bakugan until you’re ready to roll and transform! Plus, it includes an exclusive gold Sharktar Bakugan you can’t find anywhere else! Layout your BakuCores on the surface’s grid and send your exclusive Bakugan straight into battle directly off of one of the staging area’s ramps! Then, pull off epic trick shots with the banked walls and keep your Bakugan in play! While you battle, keep your cards organized in the Battle Matrix’s built-in card slots. Plus, add a new element to your brawls with the Geogan (each sold separately) – mysterious new characters with new shapes and unique transformations for even more battling power! Take your battles to the next level with the Bakugan Battle Matrix!

AGE: Ages 6-8
OTHER: Includes 1 Bakugan Geogan Deka, 1 Deka GeoCore, 1 Ability Card

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