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Bluey x CAMP Bluey Glitter Pen
Bluey x CAMP Bluey Glitter Pen

Exclusive, Pre-Sale

Bluey x CAMP Bluey Glitter Pen


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This pre-sale item will be shipped on or before 12/15.

There may be no better pen in this world than the Bluey x CAMP Glitter Pen! Not only does it feature a Bluey topper, but it also has glitter suspended inside the pen! How did they do that?! Did they start with some glitter and then build a pen around it? It’s one of life’s many wonderful mysteries. And one of CAMP’s many wonderful pens!

  • Blue Glitter Pen Featuring Bluey
  • Bluey x CAMP Logo 
  • Only ships with orders of $30.00 or more
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