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Bluey x CAMP Bluey Magnet


Bluey x CAMP Bluey Magnet


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This exclusive Bluey x CAMP Silicone Magnet will change the way you pin your kid’s artwork to the refrigerator forever. This colorful magnet is shaped like the eldest daughter of the Heeler family and can hold up whatever art project, report card, or creative writing your child hands you. Its powers aren’t limited to the refrigerator either – throw it on your kid’s bike, scooter, or almost anything else made of metal! (You know, because it’s a magnet.)

  • Made of Molded Silicone 
  • Shaped like Bluey 
  • Magnetic
  • 3.5" x 2.5" PVC
  • Only ships with orders of $30.00 or more
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