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TouchThinkLearn: Feelings

TouchThinkLearn: Feelings


Part of the bestselling TouchThinkLearn series!

TouchThinkLearn: Feelings is a tactile board book with scooped-out die-cuts and raised elements that invites little readers to explore a range of emotions—from joy to anger—in a hands-on way.

Made in the landmark TouchThinkLearn format—over 850,000 copies sold in the series
Dynamic, tactile features make learning essential concepts fun and engaging
Clusters of related words on each spread offer caregivers a springboard for conversations that foster language development
TouchThinkLearn: Feelings’ inviting interactive format makes it a go-to book for introducing toddlers to a world of many emotions.
FORMAT: Board Book
SIZE: 7 1/4 x 7 1/4
AGES: 2-4

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