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Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art

Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art


Rock your own gorgeous glitter looks with Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art! Style and customize your own temporary glitter tattoos with 4 different foils, 2 colors of glitter, a glitter brush, gems, a roller and 180 trendy and cute double-sided sticker designs! Mix and match designs, foils, and glitter and style your body art, your way. Select your stickers to create your custom design and apply them onto clean skin. Remove the clear top layer, leaving a sticky surface for the foil to adhere to. Pop a foil cartridge into the roller and slowly move the roller over your sticker, revealing your custom design! Add gems and glitter, then choose a new design and roll and reveal again and again. Create your own shimmery looks with Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art!
AGE: Ages 8-10
OTHER: Includes 1 Shimmer Me Body Art Roller, 4 Foil Cartridges, 4 Double-sided Sticker Sheets, 2 Glitter Pots, 1 Jewel Sheet, 1 Glitter Brush, 1 Instruction Sheet

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